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Best Fast-growing Hedge Plants

Best Fast-Growing Hedge Plants

The best fast-growing hedge plants for your garden will depend on the effect you want to create. From privacy screening or covering an unsightly facade to formal borders and path edging, the possibilities are endless. Regardless of what type of hedge you’re aiming for, you’re probably hoping to see it become established sooner rather than

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How To Grow Frangipani From A Cutting

How to Grow Frangipani from a Cutting

Frangipani trees are true stars of the summer months, lending a tropical look and heavenly fragrance to Australian gardens. They love tropical, subtropical and warm-temperate coastal conditions, and with a little extra attention to microclimate, it’s even possible to grow them in cooler and inland regions. A big plus for Frangipani fans is that they’re

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Top Drought-proof Plants For Summer

Top Drought-Proof Plants for Summer

All plants need water, but some can make do with much less than others, tolerating or even thriving in dry conditions. The good news for gardeners is that a drought resistant garden need not be confined to any one type of plant. From native trees to Meditteranean edibles, flowers to feature plants, there’s something for

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Are All Agapanthus Plants Invasive?

Are All Agapanthus Plants Invasive?

With its lush evergreen foliage and tall spikes of flowers, Agapanthus is a stately, strapping addition to many an Australian garden. As well as being visually striking, it’s a real star when it comes to filling difficult spots, thriving in places where nothing else is able to grow. The definition of hardy and tolerant, Agapanthus

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9 Types Of Dahlias

9 Types of Dahlias

Few flowers cut a more striking figure in the garden than dazzling dahlias. Available in an impressive variety of sizes, shapes and colours, these herbaceous perennials produce a dramatic display of both colour and form through summer and autumn. Origins Dahlias are members of the Asteraceae family, alongside daisies, sunflowers, chrysanthemums and zinnia. This family

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