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Patio - Iceberg Roses Std 13 - Garden Express Australia

The Ultimate Guide to Patio Roses

When it comes to making a statement in your garden, patio roses are the perfect choice. Known for their distinctive ‘lollipop’ shape, these versatile roses are an effortless way to elevate any garden bed or verandah. The best part is that patio roses aren’t just beautifully colourful decor – they’re simple to grow, too. We’ve

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Rose Climbing Pierre De Ronsard Front Cover Shot 2018

Growing Climbing Roses

Climbing roses are the picture of elegance, transforming a garden into something absolutely stunning when grown right. Climbing roses aren’t typically difficult to grow, but there are a few useful tips for growing climbing roses gardeners should follow to get them moving in the right direction. If you’re wondering how to grow climbing roses properly,

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Garden Delight Rosfgde - Garden Express Australia

Bare Root vs. Potted Roses

It’s no wonder that roses have been a classic garden mainstay for thousands of years, known for the depths of their colour and range of beautiful varieties. If you’ve been considering bringing this classic plant into your own garden, then you may be wondering: what are bare rooted roses? And is it better to buy

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Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

Garden Express at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show is back this year, giving plant lovers and garden-enthusiasts the opportunity to marvel at stunning exhibitions and chat with the best talent in landscape and floral design. This must-see event is running from the 30th of March to the 3rd of April at the glorious Carlton Gardens.  This

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Ga Category - Garden Express Australia

How to Prepare Your Hyacinths This Autumn

Hyacinths are spring flowering bulbous perennials that come in a wide variety of beautiful colours, from soft yellows to vibrant purples. Known for their ability to grow both outdoors and in vases, they are the perfect choice for beginner gardeners looking to add a touch of colour and enticing fragrance to their garden.  As Hyacinths

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Ga Category - Garden Express Australia

How to Care for Roses in Autumn

Once your roses are finished blooming for the year and the weather starts to get colder, it’s time to start preparing for the next season. Rose care in autumn is all about getting ready for the colder months. How to Prepare for the Cold Weather Rose care in autumn is essential if you want to

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Daffodil Exquisite Collection

The Daffodils You Need to Brighten Your Garden

As daffodils are mostly associated with spring, some gardeners may want to know: ‘Can you plant daffodil bulbs in summer?’ Although you should not plant daffodils in summer, this season’s long days and plentiful sun make it the perfect time to start planning your spring garden display. Towards the end of the season, daffodils are

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When To Plant Daffodils

Tips for growing daffodils While you can plant Daffodils all year round, if you’re living in Australia it is best to plant the bulbs in March and April as the flowers tend to bloom in late winter and spring. However, if you’d prefer to add potted daffodils to your outdoor space, you can plant these

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