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Pruning Roses in Summer

Roses are considered the symbol of love as they emit a radiant elegance and beauty. If your garden is in need of a beautiful splash of colour, roses will always be the recommended flower as there are a variety of vibrant blooms to choose from. We know that it is important to prune roses in

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Tools For Planting Bulbs

Flowering bulbs are a fantastic addition to garden beds, in drifts under trees, and grouped in pots or containers. Their spectacular blooms are unbeatable for form and colour, and many are delightfully fragrant. Whether you’re leaving your bulbs to naturalise or lifting and storing them during dormancy, getting the initial planting right will help you

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What You Need to Know About Nitrogen Deficiency in Plants 

What is nitrogen? Nitrogen is a colourless and odourless gas that can be found in all living things, including plants. In plants, Nitrogen is found within enzymes also known as chlorophyll, and is actively involved in how a plant metabolises nutrients, food and water. Healthy plants contain on average, 3-4% nitrogen in any part of

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Best Vegetables to Plant in Summer

Summer is an important time on the veggie gardener’s calendar. Spring-planted crops are coming to maturity and ready to harvest, freeing up space for another round of planting. What can you plant at this time of year? Here are a few ideas: What to Plant in a Summer Vegetable Garden When deciding what vegetables to

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Best Lettuce to Plant in Summer

With its soaring temperatures and long days, summer is a great time of year for fresh, light salads. No picnic or BBQ is complete without a big bowl of crisp greens tossed in a summery dressing, and it’s even better if the lettuce is homegrown.  Lettuce plants (Lactuca sativa cultivars) traditionally favour cooler climates, having

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What to Plant in Summer

What to Plant in Summer After all the action of the spring planting season, it’s easy to feel stumped as to what to plant in summer. Australia has a hot, dry climate at this time of year, and many plants don’t take kindly to these conditions. Other plants, however, absolutely thrive in summer. Read on

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