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Current Catalogue

Happy new Year to you all, we hope you have a wonderful 2017.
I spent a lot of time in our garden over the break, fencing the animals from my beloved plants, and realised why we all love them so much – at every turn there was a bulb, a plant, a tree or a rose to be admired and enjoyed, even a few weeds to be pulled. Our garden is now 7 years old, and to wander through passed the Golden and Chocolate Callas, avoid the bees buzzing in the buddleja, smell the native frangipani and then beyond the Wollemi Pine to pick a couple of cherries gave me a sense of satisfaction from all the hard work. The rose patch was in full display, some gladioli amongst them, and my chincherinchees just finishing off quite late. And knowing amongst all that are my spring bulbs waiting for next year – It’s truly a Garden Express garden.
I Hope you get the same appreciation for your gardens, and continue to toil in them adding more beautiful bulbs and plants. We love hearing about and seeing pictures of your garden exploits, so please share them with us at

Please enjoy our latest catalogue.
David, Jenni and the team at Garden Express