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Buxus Hedge - Garden Express Australia

How to Grow a Hedge

It seems like the popularity of garden hedges continues to increase every year. It’s no wonder they are so popular, hedges are a stylish natural alternative to conventional fences. With a little bit of care and maintenance, they can also double as great windbreaks or privacy screens. Growing hedges may seem complicated, but the truth

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Mexican Orange Blossom 15 - Garden Express Australia

Plants For Privacy

Between nosy neighbours and pedestrians peeping over the fence, enjoying your space uninterrupted can sometimes be a challenge. If that rings true, it’s time to start using plants to your advantage. Screening plants are the ideal way to create a private sanctuary while beautifying your space with vertical greenery. From hedges to trellises and strategically

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Rsz Archway 370677 640 - Garden Express Australia

Fast-Growing Plants for Screening

A living screen is a wonderful way to create a wall of green in your garden. Whether you’re looking to keep nosy neighbours at bay, create more shade, separate different areas of your garden or cover up an unsightly wall or fence, screening plants can help.  Whatever results you’re hoping to achieve, it’s likely that

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