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Understanding the Different Types of Clematis

The Clematis is a true garden gem, with the wide range of Clematis varieties offering a tapestry of colours from pristine whites to deep purples. Not only are they strikingly beautiful, but they also fit into gardens of almost any size – from sprawling countryside properties to compact urban spaces. Originating in east Asia, the

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Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

Garden Express at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show is back this year, giving plant lovers and garden-enthusiasts the opportunity to marvel at stunning exhibitions and chat with the best talent in landscape and floral design. This must-see event is running from the 30th of March to the 3rd of April at the glorious Carlton Gardens.  This

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What You Need to Know About Nitrogen Deficiency in Plants 

What is nitrogen? Nitrogen is a colourless and odourless gas that can be found in all living things, including plants. In plants, Nitrogen is found within enzymes also known as chlorophyll, and is actively involved in how a plant metabolises nutrients, food and water. Healthy plants contain on average, 3-4% nitrogen in any part of

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Companion Planting In Spring

In the wild, it’s the norm for plants to grow alongside a variety of different species. A local diversity of plant life helps to condition soil, make nutrients accessible, attract pollinators and keep populations of insects, animals and invasive plants from taking over.  You can take a leaf out of nature’s book by filling out

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Spring Gardening Tips

Spring is all about the rush of new life after winter, with bundles of fresh energy to be converted into flowers, fruit, foliage and edible produce. As a gardener, your job is to set up and maintain the optimal conditions for your plants to do this.  With that in mind, here are some of our

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Planting Herbs In Spring

Who doesn’t love the idea of having garden-fresh herbs just a stone’s throw from the kitchen? There’s more to herbs than you might imagine, and spring is a fantastic time to try your hand at growing some culinary classics. You might even discover a new favourite! Climate zones Wondering what herbs to plant in spring

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Top Fruits To Grow In Spring

Freshly picked fruit is one of life’s little joys, so why not bring it into your garden? There are a number of fruit trees, shrubs and vines that are suitable for planting in spring. Whether it’s planting a large fruit tree as a long-term investment or growing your own strawberries over summer, there’s something for

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Flowers To Plant In Spring

While flowers abound all year round, spring is the season for riots of colourful blooms. It’s also a great time for getting many flowering plants and seeds in the ground.  There are endless varieties of flowering plants for gardeners to choose from. Here are a few suggestions to get you thinking about your spring flower

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Top 10 Bulbs To Plant In Spring

Flowering bulbs are a gardener’s delight, offering stunning seasonal displays in beds, borders, pots and containers. Whether planted as a singular specimen, grouped en-masse or naturalised in woodland-style drifts, they look spectacular.  While many people associate bulbs with spring-flowering varieties like daffodils, jonquils and tulips, there are a plethora of equally beautiful choices that flower

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