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dahlia shade

Dahlias: Shade or Full Sun?

With their striking, sculptural flowers, dahlias bring a touch of drama to the garden across summer and autumn. Given their popularity in floral arrangements, it’s no surprise that many dahlia enthusiasts seek to maximise blooms.  A common question, then, is where to position dahlias in the garden for optimal flowering. Are dahlias full sun plants

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Best Dahlia Companion Plant

Best Dahlia Companion Plant

You may know dahlias for their dazzling flowers, but did you know you can give them a boost with the help of other plants? If not, it’s time to get familiar with companion planting.  Whether it’s a massed planting in a bed or a single potted dahlia, companion plant species can help keep your prized

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Hippeastrum Elvas

Hippeastrum Diseases

With their spectacular show of trumpet-like flowers around Christmas, Hippeastrums are a summer star. When it comes to growing this perennial bulb, also known by the common name* amaryllis, problems tend to be minimal – it’s tough, tolerant and pest resistant. Like any other plant, though, Hippeastrums aren’t immune to disease, so it’s worth keeping

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Fuchsia Winter Flowering Collection Version 2

5 Winter-Flowering Plants to Try

Cool-season flowers  The cold season might see us spending more time indoors, but there’s still plenty to enjoy in the garden. In fact, some plants really come into their own at this time of year, when many other plants have stepped out of the spotlight. Adding some of these to your garden is a fantastic

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Best Backyard Apple Tree

Backyard Fruit – Trees You Should Grow

Backyard Fruit Trees Growing fruit trees to maturity is among the most rewarding of backyard activities. The truth is, you don’t even need a backyard – a sunny balcony or courtyard will do the trick, thanks to the growing range of compact trees on the market. With a little planning, patience and TLC, you’ll be

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How To Prune Fruit Trees

How To Prune Fruit Trees

Pruning trees  Trees are an important part of creating a flourishing garden, offering benefits ranging from structure and shading to animal habitat and maintaining soil health. Mastering the art of pruning lets you guide your trees to grow in ways that will keep them healthy and manageable. Left to their own devices, though, they can

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Top 10 Shade-Loving Plants

Top 10 Shade-Loving Plants

If you want to create full, lush plant coverage across all parts of your garden, you’ll need to contend with those shadier areas that don’t get as much sun. Fortunately, there are plenty of plants that thrive in these conditions, just waiting to fill in those gaps under tree canopies, along fence lines and even

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Easy Edibles To Grow This Winter

Easy Edibles to Grow This Winter

Growing your own produce  Growing your own edible produce at home is a worthy goal for any gardener. Not sure where to start? Go for easy-to-grow, high yielding varieties suited to the conditions you have available in your garden. Here are a few beginner-friendly suggestions for those looking to flex their green thumbs over winter.

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Types Of Roses

Types of Roses

Roses  Roses really need no introduction. Prized the world over for the beauty of their flowers, which are often richly fragrant, these woody perennials are beloved by gardeners, romantics, poets and perfumiers alike. There are more than 300 rose species and thousands of cultivar varieties, with growing habits ranging from upright to climbing and trailing. 

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