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Garden Express Australia

Australia’s largest online and mail order garden supplier, Garden Express Australia leads the way in helping our customers create beautiful gardens. From our garden to your door – our easy to use ordering system takes all the fuss out of planning your garden.

The beauty of Garden Express is that you will find all of your garden needs in one location. Our range includes flowering bulbs, landscaping trees, shrubs and ground covers, indoor plants, bonsais and succulents, roses and edible produce plants and seeds (according to the seasons) plus quality gardening tools and accessories. Garden Express offers a huge selection across all varieties and across all seasons, that caters for all garden types, be it a small patio garden, all the way through to sprawling parkland.


Although we have been lucky and the damage to our property has been minimal as a result of the recent Victorian storms, we have been without power and internet for the past 2 weeks. Power has now been restored but unfortunately, we are still without internet services so have been unable answer emails/messages during this time. Please be assured we will be in contact with you as soon as we can.

If you have concerns about your delivery, please give customer service a call on 1300 606 242 and we will be happy to check on the status of your order.

Our team at Garden Express continue to work tirelessly under difficult circumstances, so we’re asking everyone to be kind and treat our dedicated team members with the courtesy and respect they deserve – whether it be in our call centre, nursery staff or the people dropping your delivery off, nobody deserves to be treated with aggression or abusive behavior.

We all share your frustrations and everything possible is being done to ensure your orders get out to you without delay.

Thank you for your support and continued patience.

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