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The Daffodils You Need to Brighten Your Garden

As daffodils are mostly associated with spring, some gardeners may want to know: ‘Can you plant daffodil bulbs in summer?’ Although you should not plant daffodils in summer, this season’s long days and plentiful sun make it the perfect time to start planning your spring garden display. Towards the end of the season, daffodils are

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When To Plant Daffodils

Tips for growing daffodils While you can plant Daffodils all year round, if you’re living in Australia it is best to plant the bulbs in March and April as the flowers tend to bloom in late winter and spring. However, if you’d prefer to add potted daffodils to your outdoor space, you can plant these

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6 Types of Daffodils You Need To Know

Knowing Your Daffodils Daffodils are versatile flowers that can add much-needed colour to your garden. More often than not, Daffodils are yellow in colour and come in a variety of different shades and styles. While the varieties of Daffodils are similar, each type has its own characteristics that make it special, which means you have

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