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Arum Lilies

Arum Lilies : Unusual plants with spectacular ‘flowers’ that are comprised of long pointed spadix made up of many small flowers, surrounded by a large spathe.

Though not true Arums, a number of similar plants are referred to as Arums even though they are actually Zantedeschias.

Flowering season: Spring to early summer
Plant size: 1m high x 60cm wide
Planting density: Approx. 50cm apart.
Multiplication speed: Rapid. Clumps can reach 1m wide in 3 years. Remove seed heads after flowering.
Preferred aspect: Sun or shade.
Plant uses: Use in shady wet area, pond edges but not near waterways or sensitive natural vegetation. Great cut flower.
Likes: Wet feet, being left undisturbed.
Dislikes: Hot dry conditions.