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Flowers To Plant In Spring

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While flowers abound all year round, spring is the season for riots of colourful blooms. It’s also a great time for getting many flowering plants and seeds in the ground. 

There are endless varieties of flowering plants for gardeners to choose from. Here are a few suggestions to get you thinking about your spring flower planting, including perennials, annuals and shrubs. 

Climatic zones

Keep in mind that your local climate will influence what you can grow, as will the aspect and microclimate of your garden.

While many of the plants listed below will be quite happy across most parts of Australia, be sure to take your location into account and do some research into the best flowers to grow in spring for your area.

Flowering perennials

Daylilies are easy to grow, low maintenance, drought tolerant once established, and will grow in most parts of Australia.

Their warm-toned blooms have a strong ‘wow’ factor and last for just one day individually, yet the plants as a whole are long flowering. They can be planted from March through to October

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Peony roses are unparalleled for gorgeous blooms, flowering in late spring to early summer and dying down over winter.

They’re excellent for fragrant, long lasting cut flowers. Peonies are best suited to cooler regions, and also need full sun.

The best planting time is late winter to early spring for flowering the following spring.

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Cut flower fans will also love gerberas, which have an exceptionally long vase life and come in an ever-growing range of bloom variations. These charmers are fantastic in pots, massed in a large container or in a warm, protected bed.

Flowering Annuals 

Sunflowers are the definition of summer, with majestic golden yellow flower heads. Single Giant Russian is a classic ‘giant’ sunflower.

It’s great fun to grow from seed with impressively quick results, making it one of the best flowers to plant in spring. This variety needs staking. A great addition to the veggie patch!

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Pansies are another delightful annual best grown from seed. Heartsease/Johnny Jump Up is a variety to sow in spring for flowering in late winter and spring the following year (keep in mind that not all pansies are best sown in spring).

This old fashioned ‘miniature pansy’ is great in borders, along paths and in baskets or containers. 

Flowering shrubs

Hydrangeas put on a showstopping summer display of flowers and lush foliage before retreating to dormancy over winter. For spring planting, wait until the last frost has passed.

Young plants need to put lots of energy into developing a strong root system, so have patience if yours don’t flower the first year – it’s worth the wait!

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Salvia Hot Lips is an award-winning Salvia microphylla cultivar that puts out bold red and white flowers for much of the year.

Ideal for perennial borders or in pots, they can tolerate full sun or partial shade and require little water once established. They’ll grow in most parts of Australia but won’t do so well in the tropics. 

Get some flower power this spring

Spring is a key time of year to bring more flowers into your garden. Whether you see results by summer or have to wait until the following year, the results will be blooming marvelous! Looking for flower bulbs?

See our dedicated post on flowering bulbs to plant in spring

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