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Top Fruits To Grow In Spring

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Freshly picked fruit is one of life’s little joys, so why not bring it into your garden?

There are a number of fruit trees, shrubs and vines that are suitable for planting in spring.

Whether it’s planting a large fruit tree as a long-term investment or growing your own strawberries over summer, there’s something for every garden. 

Your local climate

Your local climate influences which fruit crops you can grow, and this is particularly important to bear in mind when selecting long-lived plants such as trees.

There’s no point making the long term investment of planting a fruit tree if it’s not going to thrive and become productive, so make sure to take your location into account, along with the conditions of your garden.

Top fruit crops to plant in spring 

Dwarf Apple – Pomme de Neige 

  • Suitable fruit tree for smaller gardens
  • Plant while dormant, from winter to early spring
  • Requires another apple variety close by for pollination
  • Suits cool, temperate and arid zones
  • Great apple variety for children
  • Best planted before Spring commences


Blueberry – Sunshine Blue

  • Dwarf semi-evergreen bush with large, sweet fruit
  • Plant in early spring
  • Self-fertile and less fussy about soil than other varieties
  • Suited to all parts of Australia
  • Generally begins cropping at about 2 years old
  • Best planted before Spring commences


Strawberry – Red Gauntlet

  • Productive, high yield variety with long fruiting season
  • Suited to cool, temperate and arid zones in Australia
  • Plant in early spring
  • Tasty variety for jam making
  • Great in beds, hanging baskets and pots/containers
  • Best planted before Spring commences


Passionfruit – Panama Red

  • Hardy and vigorous vine with flavourful fruit
  • Suited to cooler and arid climates in Australia
  • Self-fertile, so only one vine needed for fruiting
  • Disease and pest resistant variety
  • Good for climbing on a fence or pergola


Mulberry – Hicks Fancy

  • Fast growing when young
  • Can grow very large, so needs a large, open landscape
  • Ideal for cooler climate zones
  • Needs full sun, fertile soil and regular watering
  • Self-fertile (does not require another tree in order to fruit)
  • Best planted before Spring commences


Tahitian Lime

  • Well suited to Australian conditions
  • Attractive small tree with fragrant flowers
  • Seedless fruit is great in drinks and other culinary uses
  • Prefers a full sun position
  • Fruiting season is over the cooler months


Dwarf Lemon – Lisbon

  • Perfect for small gardens and courtyards
  • Suitable for growing in a large pot
  • Vigorous growth with juicy, flavoursome fruit
  • ‘True’ lemon flavour – use fresh and in cooking
  • Best positioned in full sun
  • Heavy cropping from late winter into spring

Get fruity this spring

Fruit crops are a fantastic addition to any garden. With fruit trees and shrubs, you’ll need to have a bit of patience, but the long term investment is well worth it and a great complement to your veggie patch. Have a look at more vegetables to grow in spring.

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