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Catalogue Corrections

It doesn’t matter how many sets of eyes go over our catalogues before it goes off to the printers, those pesky gremlins always find a way of creating their special sort of havoc once it is too late to edit them.

Some of these we find when the printed copies come back, whilst others are spotted by our eagle-eyed customers, and we are extremely grateful when we are informed of an error; the only way to fix something is to be made aware of it.

It doesn’t matter though how it is picked up, we will always be deeply sorry for any inconveniences that any error may have caused.

Please be advised that corrections are required as follows:

Catalogue Corrections:

Summer Garden Living 2018

  • Page 5 Sternbergia lutea- unfortunately due to a crop failure this product will not be available at all for season 2018.  We apologise for the inconvenience.
  • Page 7 Daffodil Hoop Petticoat White  is supplied in a pack of 5, not as a single bulb.
  • Page 23 Kniphofia Echo Mango- this product is supplied in a 75mm pot, not the 50mm pot advertised.

Spring 2018

  • Page 15-  Hippeastrum Spartacus Pricing should read: Pack of 1 bulb for $19.00, 2-4 packs $17.00ea, 5+ packs $16.20ea
  • Page 24- Gothic Arch Normal Postage applies for this item.
  • Page 50- Manutec Planting Tablets for Natives & Fruit & Citrus. Pricing should be $9.90.
  • Page 50-Copper Slug & Snail Tape. Unfortunately our supplier has advised us this is now a deleted line. We apologise for any inconvenience.
  • Page 58- Pre Order Tulip Ile de France Pricing should read: Pack of 5 bulbs now $7.20, 2-4 packs now $6.80ea, 5+ packs now $6.50ea.
  • Back Page- Gladioli Mixed pack of 10 code: PKGLA010

Winter 2018

Autumn/Roses 2018

  • Page 2 Name the Rose Competition states that the first part of the name of the rose must be ‘Sweet’ this is an error it must be ‘Smooth’
  • Page 20 ROSE TROILUS is pictured but it is not listed in the text.  Code is ROSDTRO and pricing is the same as the other David Austin Roses.
  • Page 21 Wise Portia Rose is listed in the text but unfortunately we have none available this year.
  • Page 31 GLAMOUR GLADIOLI individual varieties- pricing should read 2-4 packs $6.90 ea, 5+ packs $6.40 ea.
  • Page 58 SALVIA BLACK & BLOOM– pricing should read 6-10 plants $4.90 ea.



Once again, we apologise for any inconvenience or confusion caused by these errors.