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What Are the Best Fruit Trees to Grow in Victoria?

Any gardener who has grown their own fruit trees can attest to how satisfying enjoying homegrown produce can be. Not only do fruit trees add beauty to your garden, but they also provide you with a bountiful harvest that you can enjoy fresh, incorporate into meals or share with friends and family. Some fruit trees

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Top Fruits To Grow In Spring

Freshly picked fruit is one of life’s little joys, so why not bring it into your garden? There are a number of fruit trees, shrubs and vines that are suitable for planting in spring. Whether it’s planting a large fruit tree as a long-term investment or growing your own strawberries over summer, there’s something for

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Backyard Fruit – Trees You Should Grow

Backyard Fruit Trees Growing fruit trees to maturity is among the most rewarding of backyard activities. The truth is, you don’t even need a backyard – a sunny balcony or courtyard will do the trick, thanks to the growing range of compact trees on the market. With a little planning, patience and TLC, you’ll be

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