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Understanding the Different Types of Clematis

The Clematis is a true garden gem, with the wide range of Clematis varieties offering a tapestry of colours from pristine whites to deep purples. Not only are they strikingly beautiful, but they also fit into gardens of almost any size – from sprawling countryside properties to compact urban spaces. Originating in east Asia, the Clematis is part of the buttercup family and has been a garden favourite for over 150 years.

Clematis are predominantly climbers, boasting delicate woody stems that strengthen over time. Their leaves uniquely twist and curl, anchoring the climb. While some species are shrubby, others are herbaceous perennials. All varieties prefer cool, moist, well-drained soil bathed in sunlight.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a budding enthusiast, Garden Express stocks a range of Clematis varieties that are sure to delight.

Clematis Pruning Groups

When it comes to nurturing Clematis, one key aspect is understanding their pruning groups. Each Clematis variety belongs to one of three pruning groups based on its flowering time and growth habit. These groups provide guidance on when and how to prune the plant to encourage optimal growth and blooms.

Group 1 Clematis varieties bloom early in spring on last year’s growth, presenting small to medium-sized blossoms. They rarely need intensive pruning; a post-flowering trim to remove dead stems or shape the plant suffices. These versatile plants thrive on walls, trellises or as ground covers. Many evergreen Clematis fall under Group 1. These evergreens retain their leaves year-round, offering persistent greenery. Their continuous coverage is perfect for privacy or masking less appealing garden structures.

Group 2 Clematis varieties bloom on both last year’s and this year’s growth, displaying a primary burst of flowers in late spring, with a secondary bloom in late summer. Some pruning is needed: remove dead stems in late winter, then lightly trim post the first flowering to promote the second bloom. Avoid heavy early pruning to preserve buds. These Clematis excel at climbing, allowing you to showcase their vivid, often sizable flowers on anything they can attach themselves to.

Group 3 Clematis varieties flower on the current year’s growth, typically in summer to early autumn. These varieties benefit from a more rigorous pruning approach: in late winter or early spring, cut stems back to about 30–45 cm from the ground. This encourages robust new growth and abundant flowering. These Clematis are perfect for bringing lively colour to trellises, archways and pergolas with their bold blossoms.

Clematis Colours

Clematis, considered by many to be the “queen of climbers”, boasts a breathtaking array of colours. From the deep purples and velvety blues to the soft pastels and brilliant whites, these climbers are visually stunning in any garden.

White Clematis Varieties

White Clematis flowers, with their pristine petals and elegant demeanour, are a true standout. Among these, the Veronica’s Choice variety is particularly enchanting, offering large, luxuriant blooms that are a true testament to the beauty of this cultivar.

Purple Clematis Varieties

Purple Clematis varieties are renowned for their rich, deep hues that bring an alluring depth to gardens. Among the distinguished purple cultivars, Minister, Taiga, The Vagabond and Viticella Etoile Violette stand out, each offering its own shade and style, capturing the essence of purple’s captivating charm.

Blue Clematis Varieties

Blue Clematis exudes a serene and calming presence in gardens with their cool-toned blooms. Notably, the Ekstra and The President varieties shine with their distinctive shades of blue, providing tranquillity and elegance in any landscape where they are planted.

Red Clematis Varieties

Red Clematis varieties add a burst of vibrant energy to gardens with their fiery, passionate blooms. The Barbara Harrington, Ruutel, and Viticella Carmencita are standout choices, each painting the garden with their own shade of intense red, ensuring a dramatic and memorable floral display.

Pink Clematis Varieties

Pink Clematis varieties have a soft elegance, effortlessly gracing gardens with their delicate charm. Comtesse de Bouchard and Ruby Glow are two exceptional pink varieties, each unfurling petals in romantic hues that conjure feelings of timeless beauty and subtle allure.

Start Growing Clematis With Garden Express

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