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Begonia Rex Kotobuki P10begkot - Garden Express Australia

How to Care for Rex Begonia

Rex Begonias, affectionately known as the “king” of begonias, are a spectacular variety known for their colourful, textured foliage. They make a captivating addition to any garden thanks to their vibrant, multicoloured leaves boasting unique patterns. These plants provide an interesting focal point in any outdoor space and are even suitable for indoor gardening. More

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Pot Mum Chrysanthemum Chrystal Collection Colpmucco - Garden Express Australia

How to Grow Chrysanthemums in Pots

Gardening is an art, and like all art forms, it calls for the right kind of palette. When it comes to choosing colourful, vibrant, and hardy blooms to brighten up your garden or indoor space, Chrysanthemums, fondly known as ‘mums’, are an exceptional choice. These flowers are not only strikingly beautiful but also versatile, making

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Smooth Serenity1 - Garden Express Australia

Can You Get Thornless Roses?

Roses are one of the most beloved flowers in the world, admired for their immense beauty and intoxicating fragrance. However, the thorns that usually accompany roses can sometimes make handling them a prickly experience. Due to advancements in horticulture, there are now varieties of roses available that grow virtually without thorns. Below, we’ve compiled the

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David Austin Troilu16 - Garden Express Australia

What is a David Austin Rose?

What are David Austin English Roses? In the world of roses, David Austin roses have long been a popular flower choice for beginners and experienced gardeners alike. Known for their classic beauty and fragrant blooms, these hybrids combine the best characteristics of old garden and modern shrub roses. The result is a plant with large,

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Floribunda Purple Glow16 - Garden Express Australia

What is a Floribunda Rose?

What is a Floribunda Rose Type? As a cross between hybrid tea roses and polyantha roses, floribundas are known for their rose royalty lineage. With the same dazzling, brightly-coloured flowers and long, elegant stems, floribundas can differ from Hybrid Tea roses in that they may have slightly smaller blossoms that appear in clusters and a

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Candy Stripe 16 - Garden Express Australia

What is a Hybrid Tea Rose?

  How Big Does a Hybrid Tea Rose Get? With so much information about the height of hybrid tea roses floating around, it’s natural to wonder — how tall do hybrid tea roses grow? Hybrid tea roses can grow up to 2m in length, with most growing from 60 cm to 1.5m. The hybrid tea flower

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Daphne Odora Pink P20dappin - Garden Express Australia

Best Flowers to Plant in Winter Australia

Winter, the season when we crave nothing more than to cosy ourselves in our homes and seek comfort in the warmth. While we use this time to retreat from cool breezes and frosty mornings, many plant species do the same. As soon as the cold frost presents itself, many flowering plants will close up for

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Epipremnum Devils Ivy Pplepidiv - Garden Express Australia

The Best Hanging Plants to Liven Up Your Garden & Home

Looking for a greener way to lift the aesthetics of your home, garden, or office? Hanging plants are fast becoming the low maintenance option for anyone who is looking to add some greenery to their space. Aside, from creating an added point of visual interest both inside and outside the home, hanging plants offer a

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Seaside Daisy 2012 - Garden Express Australia

Best Plants that Grow in Clay Soil Australia

Gardeners have a love-hate relationship with clay soil. It’s sticky, heavy, and can be quite difficult to work with, especially when wet; but for gardeners who understand the secrets of how to water and fertilise clay soil, their garden bed is definitely reaping the benefits. Read on to discover the best plants that grow in clay

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Boronia Heaven Scent Pplborhsc - Garden Express Australia

A Guide to Growing Australian Natives

Australian native plants are well-loved by gardeners – and for good reason. They are bright, beautiful and hardy, coming in a variety of colours, sizes and shapes to suit the style of any garden. Growing Australian natives is one of the best ways to showcase Australia’s natural beauty while also providing a better environment for

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