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What Are the Best Fruit Trees to Grow in Victoria?

Any gardener who has grown their own fruit trees can attest to how satisfying enjoying homegrown produce can be. Not only do fruit trees add beauty to your garden, but they also provide you with a bountiful harvest that you can enjoy fresh, incorporate into meals or share with friends and family.

Some fruit trees are particularly well-suited to Melbourne’s moderate climate, allowing you to enjoy plentiful fresh fruits. Some of the best fruit trees for Melbourne gardens include peach, apple, pear, fig, lemon and orange, each providing their unique flavours and charms.

Easiest Fruit Trees to Grow in Victoria

If you’re looking for lower-maintenance options, apple, pear, fig and lemon trees are some of the easier fruit trees to grow in Melbourne and Victoria.

These trees are relatively hardy, able to withstand the fluctuations in Melbourne’s climate. They require less meticulous care than some other varieties but still yield plentiful and delicious fruit, making them an excellent choice for both new and experienced gardeners.

Growing Citrus Trees in Victoria

Citrus trees are a popular choice among Melbourne gardeners. The best time to plant citrus trees in Melbourne is in autumn, as this allows the trees to establish themselves before the growing season in spring and summer.

Best Lemon Tree for Victoria

The refreshing tartness of a homegrown lemon simply cannot be matched by store-bought alternatives. Lemons are a citrus favourite, with the Eureka variety being particularly suited to Melbourne’s climate (except in the chilliest areas). For those with limited space or who prefer pot gardening, the best lemon tree for pots in Melbourne is the Lots A Lemons, a dwarf form of Meyer lemon, which thrives even in cooler regions. 

Best Lime Tree for Victoria

Imagine adding a slice of your own homegrown lime to a cool drink on a hot summer day. While limes generally prefer warmer climates, some varieties can still do well in Melbourne. The Tahitian lime and its improved form, Lime ‘Sublime’, are the most resistant to cold, making them the best lime trees for Melbourne’s climate. 

Best Orange Tree for Victoria

The vibrant colour of orange trees will light up your garden, and their fruits are perfect for fresh juices and snacks. Like limes, orange trees usually prefer warmer climates. However, the Washington Navel variety is a robust choice that can thrive well in Melbourne’s weather conditions, making it the most recommended orange for Melbourne gardeners.

Dwarf Orange Washington Navel Ppldwawna - Garden Express Australia

Dwarf Orange Washington Navel

Other Popular Fruit Trees

Beyond citrus, there are a plethora of other fruit trees that can flourish in Victoria’s cooler climate. From apples and pears to cherries, figs, and apricots, there’s a host of other wonderful fruit trees ready to enrich your garden.

Best Apple Tree for Victoria

Everybody loves the versatile fruit produced by apple trees, ready to be used in everything from pies to salads, or simply eaten as a treat fresh off the tree.

Popular varieties that stand out for their robust nature and abundant yields include the ever-tart Granny Smith, the enticingly sweet Dwarf Pink Lady, and the space-efficient Ballerina Apple Bolero tree, which is ideal for smaller gardens.

Best Pear Tree for Victoria

In Melbourne’s climate, pear trees can offer a generous harvest of incredibly sweet, juicy fruit. Whether you’re biting into a fresh pear, using it to craft a delicious dessert or adding it to a salad for a sweet crunch, there’s nothing quite like a crisp, homegrown pear. 

The Buerre Bosc, Williams and Nashi Pear Nijisseiki varieties are all excellent choices, combining suitability for Melbourne’s weather with delicious fruit.

Nashi Pear Nijisseiki Trednpnij - Garden Express Australia

Nashi Pear Nijisseiki

Best Cherry Tree for Victoria

The sight of a cherry tree laden with glossy, red fruit is a joy to behold. Known for their sweet, succulent cherries, these trees love Melbourne’s climate. 

Varieties like the Stella, the vibrant Royal Crimson, and the hardy Sir Don not only produce delightful fruit but also add a beautiful aesthetic to your garden, especially during the blooming season.

Best Fig Tree for Victoria

For those looking to venture beyond traditional fruits, a fig tree can be a fascinating addition to your garden. The sweet, juicy flesh of a homegrown fig is culinary delight. 

Suited to Melbourne’s cooler climate, the Genoa Black fig tree is an exceptional variety known for its robust nature and delectable fruit.

Fig Black Genoa 2017 Tregenfig - Garden Express Australia

Genoa Black Fig

Best Apricot Tree for Victoria

Picture your garden adorned with a tree loaded with golden, sun-ripened apricots, ready to be eaten fresh, cooked into jam or dried for a delicious snack. 

Dwarf apricot trees like the Fireball, Moorpark, and Trevatt are wonderful options, providing bountiful harvests without taking up too much space.

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