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Grevillea Pink Profusion P14grepip - Garden Express Australia

Types and Colours of Grevillea

Grevillea, often referred to as the ‘jewels of the Australian flora’ have captured the hearts of garden enthusiasts across the world. These native Australian beauties not only adorn gardens with vibrant colours and textures, but also offer ecological benefits, drawing in a diverse range of pollinators. Garden Express takes pride in offering a wonderful range

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Kangaroo Paw Red Lpokpabre - Garden Express Australia

Kangaroo Paw Colours and Varieties

Garden enthusiasts seeking vibrant and unique plants will certainly be captivated by the distinct beauty of the Kangaroo Paw. Recognised for its distinctive flower shape resembling a kangaroo’s paw, this plant comes in a myriad of eye-catching colours and varieties. Known scientifically as Anigozanthos, Kangaroo Paws have evolved to become a favourite among both novice

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Everything You Need to Know About Drought-Tolerant Australian Natives

Australia is known for its vast and diverse landscape, with an abundance of flora uniquely adapted to its challenging conditions. Australian native drought-tolerant plants not only showcase Australia’s natural beauty, but are a testament to the remarkable resilience that has evolved over millions of years. The Beauty of Drought-Tolerant Australian Native Plants Drought-tolerant Australian natives

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Boronia Heaven Scent Pplborhsc - Garden Express Australia

A Guide to Growing Australian Natives

Australian native plants are well-loved by gardeners – and for good reason. They are bright, beautiful and hardy, coming in a variety of colours, sizes and shapes to suit the style of any garden. Growing Australian natives is one of the best ways to showcase Australia’s natural beauty while also providing a better environment for

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Grevillea Dwarf Greencape - Garden Express Australia

Growing Grevilleas

Known for their hardiness and relative low maintenance, growing grevilleas are a great option if you’re interested in bringing beautiful native plants into your garden. Not only do they thrive in even the harshest Australian conditions, they promote the health of the rest of your plants by attracting birds, bees and butterflies to your garden.

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Kangaroo Paw Bush Princess Lpokpabpr - Garden Express Australia

How To Grow Kangaroo Paws in Australia

With their diverse colours and shapes, Kangaroo Paws are one of Australia’s most distinctive plants. Although they only grow in the wild in parts of Western Australia, they’re now also available to gardeners of all experience levels in all parts of the country. Kangaroo Paw grows relatively quickly and requires little maintenance, which means you

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Eucalyptus 3410621 640 - Garden Express Australia

How Do Trees Help The Environment?

Trees are essential to life on planet Earth, and with the environmental issues more pressing than ever, awareness of this is becoming more widespread. But what exactly is it that trees do for us? The answer spans a number of different levels, from local-scale benefits to global management of carbon emissions. Read on to find

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Australian Native Plants For Dry Shade

Due to its harsh climate, Australia is home to some of the world’s most hardy and adaptable plants. Striking evergreen foliage, unique flowers and dynamic shapes are the icing on the cake for gardeners looking for drought hardy and shade tolerant solutions.  Benefits of Australian Native Plants Australia experiences extreme summers, with soaring temperatures and

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