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Dutch Iris Discovery Sky Pkdirdsk - Garden Express Australia

All Types of Irises and Their Uses

Irises are beloved for their delicate flowers, vibrant foliage and unique shape. Their beautiful nature has had a rich historical impact in art and culture, symbolic of faith, hope and wisdom. With a name owing its inception to the Greek goddess of rainbows, it is no surprise that irises boast a cacophony of colours and

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Shutterstock 2274170363 3 - Garden Express Australia

Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Permaculture Garden

  Permaculturegardens have been growing in popularity over the last four decades, loved for how they mimic the natural world. These gardens can emphasise the harmonious relationship between nature, your home and you. Backyard works by utilising the natural benefits of your space, no matter the size, to reveal the unique beauty of your garden.

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Daffodil Mini Collection 2024 Coldafmco - Garden Express Australia

Daffodils in Pots

Best Soil for Daffodils in Pots High-Quality Potting Mix For growing daffodils in pots, it’s essential to use a high-quality potting mix. This mix is specifically designed to support healthy growth in container settings, where traditional garden soil can fail. Potting mixes are formulated to provide the right balance of drainage and nutrient retention, ideal

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Tulip Cabanna Pktulcab - Garden Express Australia

Choosing the Right Tulips for Pots

The secret to a stunning display of tulips in pots lies in selecting the right varieties. Tulips, in their glorious diversity, offer a palette of colours, shapes, and sizes, making certain types more suited to the confines of container gardening than others. When choosing tulip bulbs for pots, consider the following varieties renowned for their

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Perennial Sunflower Pplsflper - Garden Express Australia

Annual Versus Perennial: What’s the Difference?

Stepping into a fragrant, sun-filled garden can transport you to another world. The personal sense of achievement you feel when your flowers reach bloom can be incredible, particularly when you have designed your garden to perfectly coordinate the bloom times, colours and shapes to fit your style.  One key factor that contributes to deciding what

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Grevillea Pink Profusion P14grepip - Garden Express Australia

Types and Colours of Grevillea

Grevillea, often referred to as the ‘jewels of the Australian flora’ have captured the hearts of garden enthusiasts across the world. These native Australian beauties not only adorn gardens with vibrant colours and textures, but also offer ecological benefits, drawing in a diverse range of pollinators. Garden Express takes pride in offering a wonderful range

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Kangaroo Paw Red Lpokpabre - Garden Express Australia

Kangaroo Paw Colours and Varieties

Garden enthusiasts seeking vibrant and unique plants will certainly be captivated by the distinct beauty of the Kangaroo Paw. Recognised for its distinctive flower shape resembling a kangaroo’s paw, this plant comes in a myriad of eye-catching colours and varieties. Known scientifically as Anigozanthos, Kangaroo Paws have evolved to become a favourite among both novice

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Website Native - Garden Express Australia

Everything You Need to Know About Drought-Tolerant Australian Natives

Australia is known for its vast and diverse landscape, with an abundance of flora uniquely adapted to its challenging conditions. Australian native drought-tolerant plants not only showcase Australia’s natural beauty, but are a testament to the remarkable resilience that has evolved over millions of years. The Beauty of Drought-Tolerant Australian Native Plants Drought-tolerant Australian natives

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Basket Of Mixed Berries Front Page - Garden Express Australia

Companion Planting Berries: Exploring the Best Berry Pairings for Your Garden

Companion planting is the practice of strategically pairing plants to mutually benefit one another.This is an age-old gardening technique that dates back at least 10,000 years. Companion planting offers many benefits including improved growth, pest deterrence and enhanced soil health. When it comes to berries, this approach can yield particularly sweet rewards. Understanding Companion Planting

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Understanding the Different Types of Clematis

The Clematis is a true garden gem, with the wide range of Clematis varieties offering a tapestry of colours from pristine whites to deep purples. Not only are they strikingly beautiful, but they also fit into gardens of almost any size – from sprawling countryside properties to compact urban spaces. Originating in east Asia, the

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