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A Flourish of Frangipanis – Types of Frangipanis

A garden graced with blooming Frangipanis is a sight to behold. Frangipanis are not just a feast for the eyes, but they also carry a beautiful scent that’s synonymous with summer. While the traditional white Frangipani is a classic, there’s a rainbow of colours and a variety of species that can add unique charm to your garden. Let’s delve into the types of Frangipani that might just find a place in your garden’s heart.

Howtogrowfrangipani3 - Garden Express Australia

Evergreen vs Deciduous

Before we delve into the many types of Frangipani that are available at Garden Express, it’s important to understand the distinction between evergreen and deciduous Frangipanis. This knowledge will help guide you in selecting a variety that suits your garden’s climate and aesthetic.

Evergreen Frangipanis retain their lush foliage throughout the year, providing a continual display of green. The glossy leaves act as a charming backdrop to the vibrant flowers they bear. These varieties thrive particularly well in tropical climates, offering a perennially green spectacle. They are ideal for gardeners looking to maintain a verdant look in their outdoor spaces across all seasons.

Deciduous Frangipanis shed their leaves during the cooler months. As the warmer season unfolds, they come back to life, showcasing fresh foliage and brilliant blossoms. This cyclical nature makes them resilient to cooler climates. Your choice between the two will depend on local climate conditions and personal preference, each type bringing its own unique charm to your garden.



Types of Frangipani 

Darwin Blues Frangipani

A unique variety that stands out thanks to its elusive blue hues, the Darwin blues Frangipani is a rare beauty. Blooms are a soft blend of lilac and blue, with slender, elongated leaves creating a graceful canopy. Flowers bloom in clusters, adding a delightful visual appeal to your garden.

Fragipani Darwin Blue 2 P12fradblu - Garden Express Australia


Darwin Blood Red Frangipani

The mesmerising Darwin blood red Frangipani is a vibrant red that is as captivating as a sunset. Each flower boasts velvety red petals surrounding a contrasting bright yellow centre. The dark green foliage acts as a perfect backdrop, helping make the red flowers pop.

Frangipani Darwin Blood 14 - Garden Express Australia

Frangipani Darwin Blood – Garden Express Australia


White Frangipani

For classic charm, you can’t go past the white Frangipani. Synonymous with purity and elegance, these pristine white blooms exude a sweet, soothing fragrance that creates a serene ambience. The broad, dark green leaves create a lush contrast, making the white flowers look like stars against the night sky.

Frangipani White Pplfrawh200 - Garden Express Australia

Frangipani White Pplfrawh200


Tri-Colour Frangipani

The tri-colour Frangipani is a visual treat with its playful blend of colours. Each petal displays a blend of pink, yellow, and white, resembling a tropical sunset. The colour variance creates a delightful display as the flowers bloom in clusters, creating a captivating spectacle in the garden.

Frangipani Tri Colour I6 - Garden Express Australia

FRANGIPANI TRI-COLOUR 120mm – Garden Express Australia


Pink Frangipani

Soft, romantic, and infinitely charming, the pink Frangipani is a garden favourite for a good reason. Its delicate pink flowers evoke a sense of romance and serenity. The sweet fragrance adds a touch of magic to the garden ambience.

Frangipani Pink Pplfrapi200 - Garden Express Australia

Frangipani Pink Pplfrapi200


Cherry Clusters Frangipani

A feast for the senses, the cherry clusters Frangipani offers a spectacular display of cherry-red flowers clustered together in a showy display. The clustered blooms create a visual texture that’s appealing and unique, resembling cherries ready to be plucked.

Frangipani Cherry Clusters Pplfraccl - Garden Express Australia

Frangipani Cherry Clusters Pplfraccl


Black Jack Frangipani

The black jack Frangipani offers deep, dark burgundy petals that are almost black, perfect for adding a touch of drama to the garden. The bold colour choice makes a strong statement, attracting attention and admiration.

Frangipani Blackjack - Garden Express Australia

Frangipani Black Jack – Garden Express Australia


Fruit Salad Dwarf Frangipani

Perfect for limited spaces, the fruit salad dwarf Frangipani is a compact variety with a colourful personality. The flowers are a delightful mix of pink, yellow, and white, resembling a fresh fruit salad. Its dwarf stature makes it a perfect choice for container gardening or small garden beds.

Frangipani Fruit Salad P20frafsa - Garden Express Australia

Frangipani Fruit Salad Dwarf 200mm – Garden Express Australia


Cerise Hot Pink Frangipani

Bold, beautiful, and breathtaking, the cerise hot pink Frangipani is a showstopper. The striking hot pink blossoms are a celebration of colour, creating a lively and energetic vibe in the garden.

Frangipani Cerise Hot Pink P20frachp - Garden Express Australia

Frangipani Cerise Hot Pink 200mm – Garden Express Australia


Frangipanis At Garden Express

The allure of Frangipanis extends beyond their visual charm and fragrant blooms. They embody a sense of tranquillity, elegance, and timeless beauty.

At Garden Express, we are thrilled to present a diverse range of Frangipani varieties. Our collection is curated to cater to varying preferences and garden themes. We proudly invite you to explore our stunning range of Frangipanis at Garden Express. Discover the colours, fragrances, and textures that make Frangipanis so alluring.

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