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Growing Grevilleas

Known for their hardiness and relative low maintenance, growing grevilleas are a great option if you’re interested in bringing beautiful native plants into your garden. Not only do they thrive in even the harshest Australian conditions, they promote the health of the rest of your plants by attracting birds, bees and butterflies to your garden. With well over 350 different varieties to choose from, Garden Express are bound to have the perfect Grevilleas for you.


Grevillea Varieties

One of the best aspects of the Grevillea plant is the incredibly wide range of varieties that they are available in. From shrubs to trees to ground cover, each Grevillea has different attributes to offer your garden. Here are three of the best Grevilleas that Garden Express has in stock.

1. Grevillea Robusta

Few other plants in the Grevillea family showcase the extraordinary range of this species as much as the Grevillea robusta, or Silky Oak. Growing up to 25m, these trees are fast-growing, with gorgeous yellow-orange flowers. They’re also frost resistant and require little water or maintenance once they’re established.

Grevillea Robusta Lpogrerob - Garden Express Australia

Grevillea Robusta – Garden Express Australia


2. Grevillea Woolly Bear Hero

Showcasing the other end of the Grevillea spectrum, the Woolly Bear Hero is a ground cover shrub, with red and cream flowers that are in bloom for most of the year (March–December). They’re also a hardy plant, requiring little maintenance or water once established, and can withstand mild frost conditions. Woolly Bear Hero is a popular choice for beachside garden beds as it is able to withstand the coastal conditions.


Grevillea Woolly Bear - Garden Express Australia

Grevillea Woolly Bear – Garden Express Australia


3. Grevillea Canterbury Gold

Grevillea Canterbury Gold is a dense, bushy shrub that is popular for the large amount of golden yellow flowers it produces during its flowering season. Canterbury Gold is also considered one of the best Grevilleas for screening, if that’s what your garden requires. Like all Grevillea, Canterbury Gold plants are very hardy, easily able to withstand frost, drought and shade once they’re well-established.


Grevillea Canterbury Gold 15 - Garden Express Australia

Grevillea Canterbury Gold 15 – Garden Express Australia


How to Grow Grevilleas 

Grevilleas are famously low-maintenance plants, easy to grow and hardy enough to survive almost any condition in their native Australia. No matter the climate that you live in, there will likely be a wide range of Grevilleas suited to thrive in your garden. Consult your local nursery and research when the best time of year is for growing Grevilleas in your area, and the varieties you’re interested in. 

When picking a spot to plant your Grevilleas, it’s best to find an area that is in full sun. Although they can survive in partial shade, they love the sun and will thrive more easily under direct sunlight. Prepare your soil with some low-phosphorus fertiliser to avoid shocking the plant, or use high quality, native-specific potting mix if you’re growing grevilleas in pots.

Grevilleas have fragile roots that don’t like to be exposed to too much moisture, so soil with good drainage is a must. If you think that your soil’s drainage is inadequate, a raised bed may be required to give your new plants the best chance of taking and avoiding the perils of root rot. Once established, your Grevilleas will require very little water. 

These fragile roots also mean that Grevilleas cannot be moved once they’ve established themselves – if you try to replant them in a different location, they will almost certainly not survive. 

Once this planting is done, your Grevilleas will require very little from you, besides some regular pruning (variety depending). 

Grevilleas are some of the hardiest native plants available to Australian gardeners, with a wide range of varieties to suit any climate and aesthetic preference. If you’re interested in growing your own, get in touch with the experts at Garden Express, and browse our extensive range of Grevilleas online.   

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