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How To Grow Kangaroo Paws in Australia

With their diverse colours and shapes, Kangaroo Paws are one of Australia’s most distinctive plants. Although they only grow in the wild in parts of Western Australia, they’re now also available to gardeners of all experience levels in all parts of the country.

Kangaroo Paw grows relatively quickly and requires little maintenance, which means you can enjoy their stunning tubular flowers and slender leaves almost effortlessly.


Varieties of Kangaroo Paws

There are two main Kangaroo Paw varieties: tall and short. The taller varieties are widely regarded as the easiest to grow since they can tolerate a broader range of climate types. In comparison, the smaller varieties are more suited to pots and will require a little more care. Here are some of our favourite Kangaroo Paw varieties:

Kangaroo Paw Bush Gold

This medium-sized Kangaroo Paw is best suited to pots and tubs due to the large number of flowers it produces. When regularly deadheaded, these long-lasting, bright yellow flowers stand out beautifully amongst their deep green foliage.

Kangaroo Paw Bush Gold Lpokpabgo - Garden Express Australia

Kangaroo Paw Bush Gold

Kangaroo Paw Bush Ballad

As a smaller growing variety of Kangaroo Paw, Bush Ballad will produce deep red flowers nearly all year round when growing in a large pot or a well drained sunny spot. This gorgeous variety is also known for its improved disease tolerance and stellar flowering performance at a compact height.

Kangaroo Paw Bush Ballad Lpokpabba 2020 - Garden Express Australia

Kangaroo Paw Bush Ballad

Kangaroo Paw Bush Pearl

This dwarf Kangaroo Paw produces soft pink flowers above its strappy green foliage. While best suited to pots and tubs due to its prolific flowering habit, these long lasting flowers are also the perfect choice for cut flowers. 

Kangaroo Paw Bush Pearl Lpokpabpe - Garden Express Australia

Kangaroo Paw Bush Pearl Lpokpabpe

Caring for Kangaroo Paws

Preparing for Planting

Kangaroo Paws are adaptable, which means most varieties can thrive in both the ground and in a container. Although they can be planted at any time, they thrive in heat, so if you are growing them from a seed, sow during Spring or Summer. To get the best out of your Kangaroo Paws, grow them in full sun or partial shade in an area with good drainage. 

Kangaroo Paws have a slightly higher water demand during the early Spring and Summer months, however they are otherwise quite drought tolerant. An easy way to help improve growth is to simply add a small amount of organic matter to the soil when planting.

Ongoing Plant Care

It’s important not to overwater your Kangaroo Paws. During peak growth times when the soil appears dry, you can water regularly until the soil is damp. Targeting the water at the base of the plant can help prevent diseases such as Kangaroo Paw’s infamous Ink Disease from developing on the leaves.

To maintain a quality plant, check and prune your Kangaroo Paw regularly. You can remove any leaves that appear to be diseased or damaged, and also prune away any flowers or foliage that has finished. These plants aren’t heavy feeders, so you don’t need a lot of fertiliser, however, you may like to add a few scoops of compost in the Spring, or an annual controlled release fertiliser to promote healthy growth.

Kangaroo Paw is an iconic native Australian plant that looks great in any garden. Garden Express stocks a wide range of Kangaroo Paw and other quality Australian flowering plants. Our Kangaroo Paws are supplied in pots between 50mm – 140mm, which makes them the perfect size for both beginners and experienced gardeners alike. Browse our range online today.

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