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Easy-Care Indoor Plants to Brighten Your Home

Indoor plants can be an excellent addition to your home if you are looking to add a bit of vibrancy and brightness. While some varieties of indoor plants can be a lot of work, there are still plenty of stunning options for growing indoor plants if you need something that requires less effort and maintenance.

Generally, most plants that can be grown in pots can also be grown indoors, although plants that love warmth tend to make the best choice for indoor growing. Whether you are looking for growing indoor plants or indoor plants that are hard to kill, Garden Express has something in our catalogue for you. We’ve listed some of our favourites below.


Easy Indoor Plants: Varieties

Easy indoor plants are common, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the perfect variety for your home. In terms of maintenance, you’ll only have to ensure your plants get enough water and light, snip away a few leaves in the colder months and rarely do some light pruning.

• Peace Lilies

For one of the most beautiful and simple indoor plants, you can’t go wrong with peace lilies. As well as being an excellent choice due to their appearance, peace lilies are also one of the best natural air purifiers.

Spathiphyllum Peace Lily Pplspapli - Garden Express Australia

Spathiphyllum Peace Lily Pplspapli


As far as easy indoor plants go, peace lilies are great for anyone who wants a robust plant that doesn’t require much maintenance – just water feed when the soil is dry beyond the first couple of centimetres, keep out of direct sunlight and remove dying leaves when required.


• Snake Plants

Anybody who knows how to care for snake plants will tell you that they are one of the most robust plants you can grow inside. Snake plants grow best with a combination of indirect and direct sunlight. These plants have pointy leaves that stand rigid and grow as much as eight inches tall.

Sanseviera Superba Black Gold Snake Plant 2 P13sansbg - Garden Express Australia

Sanseviera Superba Black Gold Snake Plant – Garden Express Australia

When it comes to water, snake plants don’t need much. During the warmer months, you will only need to water your snake plant every couple of weeks, when the soil becomes dry. Throughout the winter, snake plants can go as long as two months without water, although monthly watering is recommended.


• Ivy

Ivy is one of the easiest indoor plants to grow – in fact, it can be a little too easy to grow at times. Ivies have a tendency to climb over whatever is in their path, so it’s important to keep an eye on how they are growing. How you manage your ivy’s growth will depend on the variety. Garden Express’s Hedera Variegated Ivy (English Ivy) is a variety that prefers bright, indirect light. These plants love to grow, so keep them at bay by pruning regularly or guiding the growth. This might include using a trellis or giving it room to trail if hanging.

Pothos Devils Ivy Pearls Jade Pplpotdipj - Garden Express Australia

Pothos Devils Ivy Pearls Jade Pplpotdipj



• Philodendrons

The Philodendron Pink Princess is one of the most visually striking indoor plants available thanks to its beautiful dark green and pink leaves. Fortunately, growing philodendrons is easy. To get this plant thriving, give it a pot or hanging basket with soil that drains well and plenty of indirect light. Water when the top inch of soil is dry and prune any stems to encourage growth.

Philodendron Mayoi Tahiti P14phimta - Garden Express Australia

Philodendron Mayoi Tahiti – Garden Express Australia

While peace lilies, snake plants, ivy and philodendrons are great easy-care indoor plants, there are plenty of other options available at Garden Express for you to choose from. Find the perfect fit for your home by browsing our extensive catalogue of indoor plants today.

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