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Best Dwarf Apricot Trees Varieties

If you love fresh fruit but have little space in your garden or balcony, then dwarf apricot trees are for you. There are a number of dwarf apricot tree varieties that can be potted, adding colour, fresh apricots and some much needed greenery to any outdoor space.

Small in size, dwarf apricot trees are easily pruned and harvested. These small trees can also be shielded from flying pests and insects, as they can be easily covered by protective netting.

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To flourish and produce fruit, dwarf apricot trees require at least six hours of sunlight per day, shelter from strong winds and regular fertilising.

Difference between Dwarf and Standard Tree

Whilst both dwarf and standard fruit trees produce fruit, there are a number of differences to consider.

Dwarf Tree

As implied in the name, dwarf fruit trees are significantly smaller than a standard fruit tree and can be planted in areas with little space available. To produce a more compact tree, dwarf fruit trees have been grafted onto a dwarfing rootstock. This means the fruit tree, such as the dwarf apricot tree, only grows to around 35-40% of the normal size, making them very suitable for smaller gardens.

Most dwarf fruit trees rely heavily on an optimal climate to blossom and produce fruit, with many fruits requiring a climate that satisfies their ‘chilling requirement’.

Some dwarf fruit trees, such as dwarf apricot trees, are partially self-fertile. As a result, they will produce a small amount of fruit on their own, but a larger crop is achieved by having a different variety nearby for cross pollination.


Due to their large stature, standard fruit trees produce especially large quantities of fruit for gardeners.

Reaching heights and widths of up to nine metres in many geographical areas across Australia, standard fruit trees also produce greater quantities of fruit than dwarf fruit trees. 

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Generally, standard fruit trees are a little more tricky to prune and harvest than their dwarf counterparts as a ladder is needed to prune more difficult and higher up areas of the tree. 

Dwarf Apricot Trees Varieties

When deciding on the best dwarf apricot tree for your garden, it is important to carefully consider your climatic conditions, space, and which flavour varieties you enjoy most.

Dwarf Apricot Fireball

The Dwarf Apricot Fireball will grow in most Australian climates. The apricots on the Dwarf Apricot Fireball are traditional in taste, are medium in size and deep orange in colour.

This variety will benefit from being pollinated with other apricots, but is also self pollinating and will produce a large number of fruits when regularly fertilised and correctly pruned.

Dwarf Apricot Moorpark

The Dwarf Apricot Moorpark is a commonly chosen apricot variety by home gardeners.

This variety produces the most ideal fruit for eating fresh or processing, however requires a full sun position to fruit successfully. At its best, this variety can grow to around 2-3 metres tall. It is partially self pollinating.

Dwarf Apricot Trevatt

The Dwarf Apricot Trevatt is a versatile dwarf variety that produces apricots that can be eaten fresh, as a jam, dried or preserved.

Like the Dwarf Apricot Moorpark, this variety can grow to 2-3 metres tall and is partially self pollinating, however it benefits greatly from pollination with other apricots.

Other Dwarf Stone Trees

If you’re looking to plant a variety of fruit trees in your garden, it’s likely you’ll find something that makes your taste buds dance with our large range of stone fruit.

Cherry Royal Crimson trees are small in size and produce large tasty cherries once they are fully grown. This variety is low chill and can produce a good fruit set in areas of Australia with a warmer winter climate. The tree is self pollinating, however requires a full sun position and well fertilised soil to thrive.

The Super Dwarf Peach Sunset tree is well suited to subtropical Australian climates and produces fresh, delicious peaches for gardeners. The peaches are so pure that they can be eaten straight off the tree, or cooked depending on your personal preference. Growing to approximately 1.5 metres tall, this tree is a great option in any garden. 

Looking for more stone fruit?

At Garden Express, we stock the best dwarf apricot tree varieties in Australia. We also stock stone fruit, helping gardeners everywhere find the perfect stone fruit trees for their gardens.

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