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How to Take Care of Plants in Summer

How to Take Care of Plants in Summer Wondering how to take care of plants during summer? It’s not as difficult as you might think, as long as you stay on top of a few essentials. How you apply these will vary between plant types, some being more tolerant of summer conditions than others, as

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Watering Plants in Summer

Watering Plants in Summer In the dry Australian summer, watering is an essential part of your gardening routine. It’s also important to value water as a limited resource, and know how to use it as efficiently as possible without leaving thirsty plants high and dry. Here are a few tips to get the most out

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Best Fast-growing Hedge Plants

Best Fast-Growing Hedge Plants

The best fast-growing hedge plants for your garden will depend on the effect you want to create. From privacy screening or covering an unsightly facade to formal borders and path edging, the possibilities are endless. Regardless of what type of hedge you’re aiming for, you’re probably hoping to see it become established sooner rather than

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How To Grow Frangipani From A Cutting

How to Grow Frangipani from a Cutting

Frangipani trees are true stars of the summer months, lending a tropical look and heavenly fragrance to Australian gardens. They love tropical, subtropical and warm-temperate coastal conditions, and with a little extra attention to microclimate, it’s even possible to grow them in cooler and inland regions. A big plus for Frangipani fans is that they’re

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Top Drought-proof Plants For Summer

Top Drought-Proof Plants for Summer

All plants need water, but some can make do with much less than others, tolerating or even thriving in dry conditions. The good news for gardeners is that a drought resistant garden need not be confined to any one type of plant. From native trees to Meditteranean edibles, flowers to feature plants, there’s something for

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