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Backyard Fruit – Trees You Should Grow

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Backyard Fruit Trees

Growing fruit trees to maturity is among the most rewarding of backyard activities.

The truth is, you don’t even need a backyard – a sunny balcony or courtyard will do the trick, thanks to the growing range of compact trees on the market.

With a little planning, patience and TLC, you’ll be enjoying a yield of delicious, homegrown fruit before you know it!

Best Background Fruit Trees

The best fruit tree for your backyard (or front yard, or patio…) really comes down to your local climate, as well as the size of your space and what you would like for your garden in the long term.

It’s best to think of any tree as an investment in your garden over time, so it’s worth making a well thought-out choice. 

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For example, you may want a large shade tree that provides edible produce, or you may prefer something more compact, such as one of the many dwarf varieties available on the market.

Maybe you even want to start a home orchard. Whatever your ambitions, here are a few of our favourite, easy to grow fruit trees to get you started.

Dwarf Lemon

Lemons are a kitchen staple, but not everyone has room for a full-sized lemon tree in their backyard.

Dwarf lemons, created by grafting lemons onto dwarfing rootstock, are the answer to this dilemma. 

Varieties included the very popular Eureka, which prefers warmer climates, and Lisbon, a heavy-cropping variety. 

Ballerina Apple

Ballerina apple trees, such as Flamenco or Bolero, are apple cultivars with a column-like growing habit.

This makes them well suited to smaller gardens – perfect for fitting into tricky, tight spots that would not otherwise be big enough for a fruit tree.

They don’t need pruning, so they’re very easy to care for. Apples work in cool, temperate and arid climates. 

Kaffir Lime

Kaffir lime trees are small evergreens with flavoursome, aromatic fruit, commonly used in various southeast Asian cuisines. 

They prefer a warmer climate, but can tolerate cooler conditions with a little extra TLC.

Their naturally compact size makes them well suited to growing in pots and smaller spaces. 


Olive trees, such as Correggiola and Manzanillo, are great for avid backyard fruit growers.

These attractive evergreens feature greyish foliage and a graceful form that makes them excellent as specimens or hedging.

They can be grown in climates ranging from cool through to mild tropical. Having two different varieties may help increase pollination and fruiting. 

Fast growing fruit trees 

In terms of fruit trees, ‘fast growing’ plants take around 3 years to reach fruit-bearing age – so a bit of patience is still required!

Given that trees are long-lived compared to most garden plants, it’s not such a long time to wait.

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Figs, including varieties such as Genoa Black and Preston Prolific, are known for being fast growers and abundant fruiters.

They can begin fruiting in as little as 2-3 years. Figs can grow to be very large, they can be strategically pruned to keep fruit within easy reach. 


Species like Mulberry Black are a good choice for those in cooler climates.

They’re relatively easy to transplant, meaning they can be started in a pot and later moved into the ground.

Keep in mind that a mulberry will eventually grow into a large shade tree. 

Ready to grow your own fruit tree?

Growing a fruit tree in your backyard is a long term project, and one that’s extremely rewarding. Whether you’ve got a pot on the balcony or a large, open space to work with, there’s a fruit tree out there for you. 

Garden Express stocks a wide range of fruit trees, including varieties suited to most Australian climate zones and smaller spaces.

What are you waiting for? Plant a fruit tree today!

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