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Common Rose Leaf Problems

White Scale on Roses

I have white scale on my roses – what does it mean? Seeing little white scales or bumps on your rose stems can often be a stressful experience. Gardeners often wonder to themselves if the white scale coating they see is simply part of the rose bush as it’s grown, or if it’s the result

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Types Of Roses

Types of Roses

Roses  Roses really need no introduction. Prized the world over for the beauty of their flowers, which are often richly fragrant, these woody perennials are beloved by gardeners, romantics, poets and perfumiers alike. There are more than 300 rose species and thousands of cultivar varieties, with growing habits ranging from upright to climbing and trailing. 

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Pruning Roses for Winter

Roses are far less work than many people think – in fact, they’re generally quite hardy. That said, they are vigorous growers, and regular pruning is essential to keep rose bushes tidy and manageable, as well as minimise pests and diseases. Timing is important when it comes to pruning roses. Australia has a less severe

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