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How Do Trees Help The Environment?

Trees are essential to life on planet Earth, and with the environmental issues more pressing than ever, awareness of this is becoming more widespread. But what exactly is it that trees do for us? The answer spans a number of different levels, from local-scale benefits to global management of carbon emissions. Read on to find

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Do Trees Absorb Carbon Dioxide?

In a word, yes! The more pressing question, though, is whether trees can help solve the ongoing problem of climate change by helping to mitigate CO2 emissions, and if so, how this can best be achieved.  Many gardeners are wondering what they can do to help. Here, we take a shot at some frequently asked

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Can Trees Help Tackle Climate Change?

There are many good reasons to plant trees in the garden. They offer an abundance of benefits, from landscaping and edible produce to shade and habitat, enhancing the beauty and utility of virtually any outdoor space. Of course, they’re also pillars of the world’s forests. With climate change an increasingly urgent issue worldwide, there’s more

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