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Types and Colours of Grevillea

Grevillea, often referred to as the ‘jewels of the Australian flora’ have captured the hearts of garden enthusiasts across the world. These native Australian beauties not only adorn gardens with vibrant colours and textures, but also offer ecological benefits, drawing in a diverse range of pollinators. Garden Express takes pride in offering a wonderful range of Grevillea varieties for enthusiasts to enjoy at home. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener, or just starting out, there is sure to be a Grevillea colour that will delight.

Yellow Grevillea Varieties

Bright and uplifting, yellow Grevilleas evoke the warmth of the Australian sun.

  • Grevillea Canterbury Gold – Characterised by its soft yellow inflorescence and vibrant green foliage, ‘canterbury gold’ brings a touch of the Australian summer to your garden.
  • Grevillea Carramar Yellow – Its delicate feathery flowers set against a backdrop of deep green leaves offer a visually pleasing contrast.
  • Grevillea Mellow Yellow – As the name suggests, its soothing yellow blossoms create a peaceful ambiance in any garden setting.
Grevillea Yellow Form - Garden Express Australia

– Garden Express Australia

Pink Grevillea Varieties

Synonymous with elegance and charm, pink Grevilleas are garden favourites.

  • Grevillea cherry pie – With a dazzling display of deep pink blossoms, ‘cherry pie’ is a treat for both the eyes and the garden’s fauna.
  • Grevillea coral baby – It’s radiant pink flowers with a hint of coral not only captivate humans but are also a magnet for hummingbirds.
  • Grevillea Jelly Baby (PBR) – Sporting a delicate pink hue, ‘jelly baby’ looks as sweet as it sounds.
  • Grevillea pink lady – With blooms that are both bold and beautiful, ‘pink lady’ is a must-have for those who wish to make a floral statement.
Grevillea Pink Profusion P14grepip - Garden Express Australia

Grevillea Pink Profusion (PBR) 140mm – Garden Express Australia

Red Grevillea Varieties

Red Grevilleas, with their fiery tones, are sure to be vibrant garden showstoppers.

  • Grevillea Big Red – Truly living up to its name, ‘big red’ offers a burst of vibrant red that’s hard to miss.
  • Grevillea Splendour – Its deep red blooms set against lush green foliage ensure that ‘splendour’ stands out in any landscape.
  • Grevillea Elegance – This variety featuring intricate red blooms that exude charm and elegance.
  • Grevillea Mini Marvel – While ‘mini’ in name, its impact in the garden is anything but small, thanks to its dazzling red blossoms.
  • Grevillea Red Coral (PBR) – As if inspired by the Great Barrier Reef, ‘red coral’ brings marine elegance to terrestrial gardens with its vivid coral-red flowers.
  • Grevillea Scarlet Sprite – This magical variety, with its fiery red petals, promises to bring life and zest to any garden space.
Grevillea Big Red 2020 Lpogrebre - Garden Express Australia

Grevillea Big Red 2020 Lpogrebre

Orange Grevillea Varieties

Evoking the spirit of a vibrant sunset, orange Grevilleas are a delight to behold.

  • Grevillea olivacea orange – the bright orange flowers, paired with dark green foliage, offer a tropical aesthetic.
  • Grevillea Ned Kelly – This legendary variety, with its rich orange blooms, pays homage to Australia’s iconic bushranger in the most botanical way.
Grevillea Olivacea Orange Lpogreoor - Garden Express Australia

Grevillea Olivacea Orange – Garden Express Australia

Popular Types of Grevillea

These taller Grevillea species are perfect for those who wish to introduce an iconic Australian look into their landscape with the added benefit of shade and a vertical visual appeal. Adding Grevillea to your landscape ensures that you have a majestic, year-round focal point that adds vertical interest while also serving as a sanctuary for various native birds and pollinators.

Silky Oak

By far the most iconic among the Grevillea, the ‘Silky Oak’ (Grevillea robusta) can soar to a magnificent 22 metres. It’s not just the height that stands out, but also its fern-like leaves that shimmer in shades of medium to light green on top and silvery hues on the underside. Its bold clusters of yellowish-orange flowers that bloom in spring are a sight to behold. Ideal for larger gardens, Silky Oak offers a haven for native birds.

Forest Rambler

This smaller Grevillea is perfect for those looking for a more modest height. Typically growing to a 2-3m shrub with soft pink flowers, the ‘forest rambler’ is an excellent choice for urban gardens where space might be a constraint.

Growing Grevilleas

While Grevilleas are fairly low-maintenance, they do have specific requirements. Generally, they prefer full sun, well-drained soil, and benefit from occasional pruning to encourage bushier growth and more blooms. For a step-by-step guide on nurturing your Grevillea to its full potential, Garden Express has a detailed Grevillea Growing Guide.

Grevilleas at Garden Express

For a slice of Australian heritage, you can’t go past Grevilleas for your garden. Every hue, from yellow to red, tells a story of the stunning Australian landscape. At Garden Express, we’re not just suppliers; we’re enthusiasts dedicated to bringing the best of Grevillea to your doorstep. Browse our range online, or get in touch with our friendly team today.


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