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What To Plant In Spring

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Spring is a time when gardens come alive with colours and fragrances, but it’s also a pivotal moment to think ahead. While many plants are in full bloom, this season offers an excellent window to plant new flowers, trees and herbs that will flourish in the months to come. 

By choosing the right plants to begin growing this spring, you can ensure that your garden remains vibrant and dynamic throughout the year.

Know Your Local Climate

Although Spring may officially start in September, in practical terms your local climate plays a significant factor in when the right time to start planting is. Keep an eye on the forecast in your area to get a better idea of when spring is in the air.

In cooler regions, it is crucial to understand the timing of the last frosts and when the soil warms enough for seed germination. To ensure your plants not only survive but thrive, it’s essential to tailor your planting strategy to these nuances in the local climate.

For a comprehensive understanding of your area’s conditions, consult our Australian Climate Guide

What to Plant in Spring – Melbourne

With a temperate oceanic climate, Melbourne’s spring is characterised by cool mornings, mild days and the occasional frost. Being famous for its ‘four seasons in a day’ weather, Melbourne’s spring can be quite unpredictable. Despite this, the gradually warming temperatures and adequate rainfall allow many plants to flourish. 


With fluctuating spring temperatures and regular rain, Melbourne’s climate can offer significant benefits when it comes to vegetable growth. Broccoli, cucumber, and cauliflower especially thrive in these conditions, establishing strong roots and promising a bountiful harvest in the coming months.








Melbourne’s mild spring days cater to fruit trees, laying the groundwork for future harvests. Pears, apples and peaches all thrive during this time, benefitting from the rainfall and gradual warming. These trees set deep roots and initiate early growth, ensuring a robust and healthy yield to come.


The climate and rich soil of Melbourne provide the perfect environment for various flowers to begin growing. For Melbourne gardeners wondering what flowers to plant in spring, snapdragons, lavender and dahlias thrive in the unpredictable climate, cool mornings and plentiful moisture.


The refreshing springtime climate in Melbourne is a boon for herb enthusiasts. Dill flourishes in the city’s temperate conditions, while thyme, a perennial, loves the cool mornings. Sage appreciates Melbourne’s moderate rainfall, its robust leaves adding depth to culinary dishes throughout the seasons.

What to Plant in Spring – Sydney

While Sydney is considered to have a humid subtropical climate, spring tends to be both warm and only mildly humid. Coastal breezes, combined with occasional rainfall, create an environment where many plants thrive. Sydney’s spring is usually predictable, with fewer cold surprises, allowing gardeners to cultivate a broader range of tropical and temperate plants.


In Sydney’s warm spring climate, the consistent temperatures foster exceptional growth for several vegetables. Snapbeans, carrots and zucchinis all thrive in these moderate conditions, making them excellent choices for planting during this season.


Sydney’s spring provides a blend of warmth and coastal moisture that creates a nurturing environment for fruit cultivation. Blueberries, passionfruit and avocados, in particular, leverage this harmonious climate, allowing for fruitful harvests in the following seasons.








When it comes to growing flowers, Sydney’s warm springs, accompanied by coastal breezes, offer a fantastic opportunity. Gardenias, with their intoxicating fragrance, are a standout, thriving in the mild humidity. Meanwhile, begonias and sunflowers come alive, soaking in the consistent sunshine, adding vibrant colours and elevating garden aesthetics.








With a consistent spring climate, herb gardens tend to flourish in Sydney. Parsley thrives in the warm days, while chives benefit from the mild humidity. If you are wondering what perennials to plant in spring, lemongrass can be an excellent choice, growing well in the temperate warmth.

What to Plant in Spring – Adelaide

Adelaide enjoys a Mediterranean climate, which results in springs that are warmer with less frequent rainfall, sometimes leading to drier conditions. This city benefits from the cooling breezes of the Gulf of St Vincent, which can provide relief from the occasional rising temperatures. 

Gardeners tend to opt for drought-resistant plants or implement water-saving techniques, given the dryness that can persist into spring.


In Adelaide’s drier spring climate, vegetables that can handle fluctuating moisture levels are key. Tomatoes, capsicums and eggplants all thrive here, relishing the warmth and adapting well to the less frequent rainfall, making them suitable for the Adelaide gardener wishing to plant some vegetables in spring.


For Adelaide gardeners wondering what trees to plant in spring, there are many fruit trees that can tap into deeper soil moisture and grow well. Apricots, plums and figs are ideal for this more Mediterranean climate. Their deep roots help them thrive in warmer temperatures, drawing on water reserves to produce juicy and flavourful fruits.


The drier spring environment in Adelaide allows strong growth of flowers with vibrant blooms that can handle the heat. Some of the most popular flowers to grow in Adelaide’s springtime are petunias, marigolds and daisies, which all thrive and stand resilient against the occasional warm gusts.


Several herbs grow well in Adelaide’s Mediterranean-like climate. Among these are basil, which flourishes in the warmer days of Adelaide’s spring, while rosemary and oregano, both drought-resistant, thrive in the less frequent rainfall, adding robust flavours to dishes throughout the season.







What to Plant in Spring – Brisbane

Brisbane, with its humid subtropical climate, experiences a warm and lively spring. While the humidity and regular rain might suggest that only tropical plants will thrive, the reality is that Brisbane’s climate is incredibly versatile. This allows for a diverse range of plants to flourish, from subtropical varieties to those that can be found further south.


In Brisbane’s warm spring, certain vegetables make the most of the steady warmth. Pumpkins, sweetcorn, and beetroot all flourish, with the consistent temperatures aiding their steady growth and ensuring bountiful harvests.









Brisbane’s spring offers the perfect backdrop for vibrant blooms. Cosmos and alyssum revel in the warmth and humidity, presenting gardeners with a delightful splash of colour throughout the season.


Many herbs thrive in Brisbane’s summer, thanks to the consistent warmth and humidity. Mint, with its invigorating aroma, thrives in the humid conditions, while coriander flourishes in the warm weather. Catnip, beloved to cats, also finds Brisbane’s spring an ideal growing climate.

Garden Express Gets You Planting This Spring

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