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Family: Ranunculaceae

Beautiful lacey foliage and a profusion of brightly coloured blooms are some of the features of these easy care favourites. Great for sunny and shady spots.

Alternate Names: Granny's Bonnet, Columbine

Origin: The popular hybrids originate from species originating in both North America and Europe. (The traditional Granny's Bonnet originates from the European species A. vulgaris.)

Flowering Season: Summer.

Plant Size: 50-60cm H x 25cm W.

Planting Density: 20cm apart.

Preferred Aspect: Semi shade. Tolerates full sun in cold areas only. Frost tolerant.

Plant Uses: Cottage gardens, mixed perennial beds, woodland plantings, decorative cut flower.

Likes: Damp cool areas, well drained soil, rich organic soil.

Dislikes: Tropical or arid climates.

Watering: Requires regular watering during dry periods.

Fertilising: Well rotted animal manure, blood and bone, or a complete fertiliser should be worked through the soil prior to planting.

Lifting and storage: Can be lifted during the winter months or left in the ground for many years. If lifted, store temporarily in moist peat moss.

Pests: Watch for thrip and aphids and spray occasionally if required.

Tips: Plant with crown at soil level. Would be an ideal foreground plant for a garden bed or a border plant.

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