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The Daffodils You Need to Brighten Your Garden

As daffodils are mostly associated with spring, some gardeners may want to know: ‘Can you plant daffodil bulbs in summer?’

Although you should not plant daffodils in summer, this season’s long days and plentiful sun make it the perfect time to start planning your spring garden display. Towards the end of the season, daffodils are rarely the first plant a gardener reaches for, but this is actually the perfect time to order these stunning flowers for your garden. With so many daffodil varieties available, you’re sure to find a few to add a stunning source of colour to your garden or pots as the colder months approach.

Daffodils Available This Mid Summer

How many varieties of daffodils are there? That all depends on who you ask. Many horticulturalists suggest there are more than 13,000 distinct daffodil varieties in existence, which can then be divided into thirteen different types according to their colour, shape and size.

To help you choose the perfect daffodil for your garden, here are some of the best daffodil varieties available in Australia this mid summer.

Daffodil Chanterelle

Daffodil Chanterelle Pkdafcha 2019 - Garden Express AustraliaThe Daffodil Chanterelle (Narcissus tazetta) has soft lemon petals with a bright yellow ruffled cup, perfect for keeping your garden looking golden and warm throughout the colder months. As a Butterfly Daffodil, these daffodils are known for their unique reflexed trumpet, which opens back across the petals to give the appearance of a butterfly. 




Daffodil Tete a Tete

Daffodil Tete Tete Pkdaftte 2019 - Garden Express AustraliaThese adorable daffodils are perfect for regular gardens, but also for other green thumb pursuits like rockeries, pots and fairy gardens. With a golden yellow colour, Daffodil Tete a Tete (Narcissus tazetta) is a dainty, miniature version of a larger daffodil. 




Daffodil White Lion

Daffodil Double White Lion 16 - Garden Express AustraliaDaffodil White Lion (Narcissus tazetta) is known for its creamy lemon blooms, which are reminiscent of a ruffled lion’s mane. This daffodil variety blooms for a long time, and can add a charming touch of colour to your garden with its double and split trumpets. 





Jonquil Yellow Cheerfulness

Jonquil Yellow Cheerfullness Pkjonych - Garden Express AustraliaJonquil Yellow Cheerfulness (Narcissus hybrids) live up to their name by being one of the first spring bulbs to flower, often beginning in late winter. Suitable for nearly all climates, Jonquil Yellow Cheerfulness features stunning, bright yellow double blooms, and a beautiful strong fragrance to add an extra dimension to your garden.




Daffodil High Society

Daffodil High Society 2012 - Garden Express AustraliaDaffodil High Society (Narcissus tazetta) features gorgeous white petals with a deep, cherry red lip on each trumpet. You can select this unusual daffodil type for a fun variation to the traditional yellow daffodils found in most gardens during spring. Pink Daffodils can display different shades of lemon, peach and pinks as they open. 




Daffodil Neon

Daffodil Neon Pkdafneo 2018 1 - Garden Express AustraliaDaffodil Neon (Narcissus tazetta) boasts true gold petals, with white tips appearing on the cup and at the base of the petals, giving this captivating flower a glowing appearance. As a Miniature Daffodil, this variety can add dainty and delightful charm no matter where they are used in the garden. 





Not Sure Which Daffodil to Choose? Get a Whole Bunch!

With so many stunning daffodil varieties to choose from, it can be difficult to know which ones are best suited to your garden. That’s why this mid summer at Garden Express, we’re offering a number of value packs and mixes filled with our favourite daffodil varieties, so you can get the best of both worlds.

Opt for the Daffodil Premium Mixed (Narcissus tazetta), for a beautiful springtime display. This mix contains traditional single cup Daffodils and no Multi Headed Daffodils (Jonquils), and can be easily left in the ground year after year to multiply and create large clumps of colour. Or, to add a touch of individuality to your pots and garden, select the Daffodil and Tulip Blend as a way to combine classic red tulip flowers with the sunny yellow and red of the Red Devon Daffodils.


Find Your Next Favourite Daffodil With Garden Express

As the colder months approach, daffodils are the perfect flower to brighten up your garden. At Garden Express, we stock an extensive range of daffodil varieties in dozens of colours, shapes and sizes. From Butterfly Daffodils to Multi Headed Daffodils, you’re sure to find your next favourite summer flower within our collection. Our expert team can help you select the best daffodils for your garden and maintenance needs. To get started, browse the Garden Express 2022 Mid Summer Catalogue today.

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