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Calla Lily Growing Guide

CALLA LILY(Zantedeschia) 
Family: Araceae

Calla Lily Hot Chocolate
Calla Lily Hot Chocolate

Garden Express have the best range of these elegant highly desirable Calla Lilies. Choose from our regular favourites in cream, yellow and pink or be tantalised by our stunning Hybrids with their large flutes and vibrant colours. All have attractive foliage.

Flowering Season –Cool climates- Summer. Warm climates- Late spring.

Plant Size –Rehmannii is 30cm H x 15cm W. Other varieties 70cm H x 20cm W.

Planting Density- Garden- 20- 25cm apart. Pots- 1 bulb / 15cm pot. 3 bulbs / 30cm pot.

Calla Lily Hybrid Mixed Pkcalhmx
Calla Lily Hybrid Mixed

 When planting ensure side with lumps’ is facing up. Shoots grow from these lumps add oddly the roots grow downwards from the top of the rhizome.

Multiplication speed- Double flower quantity every 2nd year.

Preferred Aspect- Dappled sunlight or morning sun with hot afternoon shade. Too much shade will discourage flowering.

Plant Uses- Pots, stunning foliage and flowers create garden highlights, excellent cut flower.

Likes – Being left undisturbed. Deep watering over spring/ summer.

Dislikes- Waterlogged ground. Severe frost.

Watering – Ensure that the soil stays moist but well drained.

Fertilising – Well rotted animal manure, blood and bone, or a complete fertiliser should be worked through the soil before planting.

Lifting and storage – Bulbs can be left in the ground for several years. If desired lift in winter and divide clumps.

Pests – None.

Tips- Callas are ideal for patio pots and can be brought inside when in flower.

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