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Top Drought-Proof Plants for Summer

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All plants need water, but some can make do with much less than others, tolerating or even thriving in dry conditions.

The good news for gardeners is that a drought resistant garden need not be confined to any one type of plant. From native trees to Meditteranean edibles, flowers to feature plants, there’s something for every garden on this list.


Aloes are stunning succulents that adapt well to harsh climates – as well as drought and heat, they can also handle cold and rain. There are many variations to choose from, with larger and smaller growing varieties now available. Agapanthus is also a classic choice, being extremely tolerant of most conditions and soil types while adding reliable sculptural interest. Sterile/low-seeding hybrids are available to avoid the potential weediness issues in areas near bushland.


Sedums, such as Sedum Gold Mound, are versatile, undemanding groundcovers that spreads into lush mats of green in beds, pots and rockeries. They’re also mildy frost tolerant so will cope in cooler climates. Achilleas, such as Achillea Summer Pastels, are robust cottage perennials that offer attractive, colourful blooms over a long flowering season, and these will cope extremely well with hot and dry conditions.

Versatile Edibles

Rosemary, such as Rosemary Gorza, is low-maintenance, drought hardy and a fantastic culinary herb to boot. Larger varieties like Blue Lagoon are great as hedges. Bay Tree offers attractive foliage that doubles as a classic culinary herb. It’s low maintenance, with a handsome form that can be clipped into a formal shape if desired.

Trees and Shrubs

Once established, most native trees are highly drought tolerant. As well as providing shading for understory plants, birds and humans.  Many native trees have gorgeous blooms that will attract birds and butterflies to the garden.  Buddleja are also very drought tolerant and bees and birds absolutely love these, and the handsome silvery foliage and long lasting flowers creates quite a display. Frangipani is a divinely fragrant favourite that requires minimal watering. Woolly Bush is ideal for hedging and borders, and perfect as a native Christmas tree.

Get your garden drought ready now!

Garden Express stocks a huge range of drought-resistant plants. Browse our catalogue now for more inspiration on creating a beautiful and resilient garden.

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