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How to Take Care of Plants in Summer

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How to Take Care of Plants in Summer

Wondering how to take care of plants during summer? It’s not as difficult as you might think, as long as you stay on top of a few essentials.

How you apply these will vary between plant types, some being more tolerant of summer conditions than others, as well as your local climate and the unique needs of your garden. Still, it’s worth brushing up on some hot season basics.

Summer’s Effects on Plants

It’s no secret that the Australian summer can be harsh on the garden, with heat stressed plants an all too common sight on scorching days. Depending on the situation, this may be due to any combination of water deprivation, sunburn from UV rays, and sheer heat.

Plants that aren’t adapted to these conditions will typically respond by wilting, dropping leaves or blossoms, or bolting to seed. It can be a real shame to see your growing efforts ruined, and heat stress is a sure fire way to lose valuable plants.

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Plant Care in Summer

It may not be possible to avoid heat stress entirely, but there are a few simple steps you can take to minimise it and keep your plants happy over summer.


It may sound obvious, but shade is one of the most important ways to help your less tolerant plants handle heat and sun exposure. This can be done through strategic positioning against a wall or beside a larger plant that gives shading from harsh afternoon sun.

Alternatively, you can use shade close with 30-50% UV protection to create a temporary or semi-permanent screen for your most vulnerable plants, such as those in your veggie patch.


Generally speaking, plants like plenty to drink during summer. Even drought tolerant plants like to be topped up throughout the season, although they don’t need as much as thirstier plants. The veggie patch is particularly susceptible to heat stress from low water, as the plants are in energy-intensive production mode.

Read our article on Watering Plants in Summer for more watering tips.


Fertilising is an important consideration for your summer plant care routine. Not all plants require fertilising in summer (in fact, for some it is better not to use fertiliser), but it can be very helpful for plants that are flowering or fruiting over summer.

Many of the plants in your veggie patch, for example, will appreciate a regular feed – it will help them out with production, strength and vigour for a better yield.

     Beat the heat

At the end of the day, plants have a lot in common with humans when it comes to beating the summer heat. Take care of water, shelter and nutritional requirements, and you’re well on the way to enjoying a happy garden throughout the hot season.

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