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5 Winter-Flowering Plants to Try

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Cool-season flowers 

The cold season might see us spending more time indoors, but there’s still plenty to enjoy in the garden.

In fact, some plants really come into their own at this time of year, when many other plants have stepped out of the spotlight.

Adding some of these to your garden is a fantastic way to create visual interest over winter and brighten even the chilliest day.

Best flowering plants to grow in winter

Flowers that grow in winter come from all corners of the globe, meaning there are varieties to suit most Australian climates.

From evergreen perennials and native shrubs to winter bulb flowers, there’s something for every winter garden. Here are some of our favourites.

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Hellebores are winter-flowering perennials with striking blooms in colours ranging from dark purple and creamy yellow to chocolate and charcoal.

Handsome evergreen foliage completes the picture.

They’re long-lived and drought tolerant once established (although they prefer moisture), and love semi-shaded spots such as under tree canopies in woodland plantings. 


Primulas are compact, easy-to-grow perennials with richly coloured blooms and a sweet fragrance.

They flower profusely from winter into spring, and are well suited to rockeries, borders and pots.

They’re frost tolerant and prefer a lightly shaded position.

Keep them fairly dry over winter, increasing moisture levels in the warmer months. 


Cyclamens are tuberous groundcover plants that spring up and bloom during autumn and winter.

Preferring part to full shade, they make for a beautiful seasonal carpet under trees, and work well in pots that can be brought indoors during flowering.

They’re frost tolerant, and require little water or maintenance once established. The tubers are dormant over summer. 

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Camellias are dense shrubs with glossy, evergreen leaves and exquisite blooms in the colder months.

They are frost tolerant, hardy plants, easy to care for and long-lived, with some varieties growing to be tree-like in form.

Provided they have adequate (full to part) shade, they’ll grow in almost all parts of Australia, although they’re less suited to the tropics. 

Boronia Lipstick

Boronias are small, upright native shrubs, and the Lipstick cultivar has beautiful, bell-shaped flowers from winter into spring.

Make sure they have adequate water, particularly during hot, dry spells over summer.

Plant in full sun to light shade, either grouped en masse or as a standalone specimen. If planting in pots, use a potting mix designed for native plants.

Brighten up your winter

If there’s one thing that’s sure to lure you into the garden on a chilly morning, it’s a stunning display of flowers.

As well as being beautiful in their own right, these plants are wonderful for filling in the gaps in visual interest that many gardeners discover over winter, and many of them will stay looking good (sans flowers) the whole year round.

Plant a few of hellebores, camellias or cyclamens, and you’ll soon have your garden blooming in winter.

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