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The Best Hanging Plants to Liven Up Your Garden & Home

Looking for a greener way to lift the aesthetics of your home, garden, or office? Hanging plants are fast becoming the low maintenance option for anyone who is looking to add some greenery to their space. Aside, from creating an added point of visual interest both inside and outside the home, hanging plants offer a level of practicality that can improve air quality and evoke a sense of privacy when required. While not every plant is suitable for you to create your DIY hanging plant, there are definitely some much loved favourites that come highly recommended.


Benefits of Hanging Plants

  • Improve your breathing

Hanging plants act as mother nature’s air purifier. They improve air quality by removing pollutants and adding fresh oxygen into the air, in return improving the air that you breathe.

  • Divide a space

Rather than using a partition to divide a space, hanging plants are a creative way to create a separation or privacy in a room.

  • Natural aesthetic

Plants are often associated with creating a more relaxed and inviting environment. Use hanging plants to complement or contrast the existing design of the room.

  • Reduce dust and pollutants

Humidity can reduce dirt and dust in the air. By adorning your spaces with hanging plants, you will be adding more moisture into the air that can help to reduce the prevalence of dust and chemical pollutants.


Best Hanging Plants

Choosing the best plants for hanging baskets all comes down to what look you’re trying to achieve. Familiarise yourself with our personal favourites when it comes to creating a hanging plant basket and you will not be disappointed.



Begonias are among the best plants for hanging baskets because of their wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. Not only do they produce flowers in shades of pink, white, orange and red, but even their leaves vary in shape and shade. This makes them ideal for many different indoor and outdoor settings.

Begonias are also a low-maintenance option that are resistant to many indoor pests and require little watering and fertilising.

Begonia Bossa Nova White P68begbnw - Garden Express Australia

Begonia Bossa Nova White – Garden Express Australia


Fuchsias are the quintessential hanging basket plant. They require little care, and their various growing habits allow them to either trail or cascade out of your hanging basket in an attractive manner. Fuchsias can grow in a variety of colours, but are most recognised for their luscious pink and purple — hence the name!

Gurus Fuchsia Collection 6 Vigorous Single Upright 2022 Colgurfc6 - Garden Express Australia

Gurus Fuchsia Collection 6 – Vigorous Single Upright – Garden Express Australia


Spider Plant

Spider plants are among the best hanging plants because of their ability to elegantly cascade out of the basket. As the plant grows, its long distinctive leaves will hang over the pot it’s growing from, and create a stunning indoor feature. Spider plants are also another low-maintenance option that are resistant to common indoor pests.

Chlorophytum Spider Plant Pplchlspl - Garden Express Australia

Chlorophytum Spider Plant Pplchlspl


Pothos (Devil’s Ivy)

Pothos, or Devil’s Ivy, are arguably the best plants for hanging baskets in shade. Depending on the positioning of your home, it’s not always possible to have your plants exposed to sun all the time. While Pothos prefer medium to bright indirect sunlight, they can live well in lower light conditions. Making them a great option if the area you plan to hang your plants in has limited sun exposure. Pothos plants can create a lovely forest vibe if hung high.

Pothos Devils Ivy Pearls Jade Pplpotdipj - Garden Express Australia

Pothos Devils Ivy Pearls Jade Pplpotdipj


Rock Daisy

Rock daisies are perfect for outdoor hanging baskets, and should be kept outdoors only. As rock daisies are a travelling plant that grows long and thin, they can be trained to hang down from a hanging basket. Thanks to their small, compact flowers, they’re also great for adding colour to your outdoor space. 

Rock Daisy 14 - Garden Express Australia

Rock Daisy – Garden Express Australia


Seaside Daisy

Seaside daisies are another great choice for your outdoor space. They produce narrow, hair leaves and dainty daisy flowers most of the year, making them one of the best flowers for hanging baskets. The plant scrambles as it grows which creates a beautiful feature.

Seaside Daisy 2012 - Garden Express Australia

Seaside Daisy – Garden Express Australia


Looking to liven up your home or office with a range of the best hanging plants? Give us a call on 1300 606 242 for more information on the best plants for hanging baskets in your home.

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