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Cuban Lily

Cuban Lily

Scilla peruviana

Cuban Lilies have sapphire blue star-shaped blossom clusters on a single stem that rise above the broad dark green foliage.  Each bulb may produce several stems, producing a stunning display.  Prefers full sun to part shade position, ideal as a cut flower (with a good vase life) and perfect for pots and containers.  Late flowering season.

Grows 30cm high x 45cm wide.


Supplied as: Dormant bulbs
Suitable climate zones: Cool, Temperate, Arid, Semi-arid, Mild Tropical, Tropical
Seasonal status: Available mid-January to May unless sold out
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Cuban Lily

Botanical Name - Scilla peruviana

Family Name - Liliaceae

Plant Type - bulb

Size - 60cm high x 25cm wide.

Planting Time - autumn

Planting Width - 15-20cm

Depth - tip at soil level.

Flowering - late winter to early spring.

Positioning - full sun to part shade.

General Information - generally pretty hardy. Suitable for Mediterranean and temperate/dry climates.

Watering - water when the bulb begins to flower and keep soil slightly moist until foliage dies back.

Fertilising - top dress with a complete fertiliser.

Soil - well drained soil.

Lifting & Storage - can be left undisturbed until you wish to divide them.

Pests - bait snails and slugs.

Tips - The foliage of Cuban Lilies tends to turn yellow instead of dying back, to disguise this over the summer months you may want to inter-plant them with summer perennials. Longer lasting colour if planted in semi-shade. Makes a good cut flower.

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