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The Gardener’s Advantage Lawn Care Products You Need This Summer

What Are the Benefits of Having the Right Tools? 

All seasoned gardeners know that having the right gardening tools is one of the most important aspects of cultivating a brilliant garden. This is even more important when gardening in summer, as the hot Australian sun can quickly turn a fun hobby into a headache. 

The right gardening tools not only help you save time, but can also ensure your flowers are planted perfectly, allowing them to grow and bloom beautifully all year round. 

Gardeners Advantage Lawn Aerator Sandals

Gardeners Advantage Lawn Aerator Sandals Accgalas - Garden Express Australia


This expert kit can improve the health and growth of your lawn through simple aeration. The spikes on the underside of each sandal create holes in compact soil, which allows oxygen, water and other important nutrients to reach the roots. The best part is that it is an affordable solution and takes no extra time away from your other gardening tasks – simply strap on the sandals and walk around!  


Gardeners Advantage Peat Pots 

Gardeners Advantage Peat Pots Square Accgapps - Garden Express Australia


Peat Pots are the effortless way to grow and transplant seeds in summer. Garden Express offers a range of Peat Pot kits suitable for any gardener, including round and square shapes, as well as kits with extra tools such as plant markers and gloves. To ensure your seeds do not suffer from transplant shock or are affected by the hot weather, fill your Peat Pots with a propagation or seed mix.


Gardeners Advantage Garden Kneeler And Seat 

Gardeners Advantage Garden Kneeler Accgagkn - Garden Express Australia


This revolutionary Garden Kneeler and Seat means no more visits to the chiropractor after crouching for hours in your garden. With a sturdy steel frame, the folding seat can reduce stress and fatigue on your lower back. It’s versatile and portable, flipping from a kneeler to a comfortable seat at your convenience. As an added bonus, it even comes with a detachable tool pouch, which is perfect for storing your secateurs. 


Gardeners Advantage Pop Up Garden Bag 

Gardeners Advantage Pop Up Garden Bag Accgapugb - Garden Express Australia


The Gardeners Advantage Pop Up Garden Bag is perfect for those pruning and cutting days. With durable, tear resistant and water resistant fabric, these pop up bags are the convenient place to store your garden waste while you are working. They take the hassle out of cleaning, and can fold down for simple storage when you’ve finished gardening for the day.



Find the Tools You Need This Summer at Garden Express 

As gardening experts, Garden Express is Australia’s first choice for gardening tools online.

We know what it’s like to garden in the hot Australian sun, and stock a range of products and equipment to make that process easier for you and your plants. Our range of tools and accessories is tried, tested, and constantly expanding, which means you’re sure to find the perfect tool for your next gardening venture in the Gardeners Advantage range. Browse our online mid summer tool catalogue for more ideas and tips on how to cultivate and enjoy a happy garden throughout the hot season. 

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