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Sweet Pea

A favourite in the garden across many countries for hundreds of years, Sweet Peas are a colourful addition to the garden during the cooler months.  Traditionally sown as seed on St Patrick’s Day, they can be planted anywhere between Mid March and mid to late April.
With their climbing habit and tendency to bring their colourful and delicate flowers up to face height, Sweet Peas are the best sort of social climber and are well suited to most gardens; they will quickly scramble up a trellis or fence, and will happily climb through other plants in a gentle manner, not harming their hosts in any way.

Over the years their breeding has been influenced by many people, and we are proud to be featuring two of what we feel are the best strains available; bred for colour and form, as well as large beautiful flowers, fragrance and pickability.

Dr Keith Hammett Sweet Peas are bred in New Zealand and his name is synonymous with striking and unusual bi-colour Sweet Peas. Perfect for cutting, his varieties will always create a sensation either in the garden or the vase.

The Spencer type of Sweet Peas tend to have larger flowers with frilly flamboyant petals and beautiful fragrance. This type make wonderful cut flowers as the flowers emerge on long stems.