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The Ultimate Guide to Patio Roses

When it comes to making a statement in your garden, patio roses are the perfect choice. Known for their distinctive ‘lollipop’ shape, these versatile roses are an effortless way to elevate any garden bed or verandah. The best part is that patio roses aren’t just beautifully colourful decor – they’re simple to grow, too. We’ve compiled our best tips on how to care for patio roses to inspire you to add this stunning flower to your collection this year.

The Basics

Patio roses and their sister type of rose, standard roses, are actually normal-sized hybrid tea or floribunda rose bushes that have been grafted onto a tall rootstock. The patio roses at Garden Express are double bud grafted on 55 – 60cm tall canes, which makes them the ideal height for adding a focal point to your garden or verandah. Although patio roses are built to retain their distinctive shape, the head of the standard can vary depending on the specific variety of rose you select. As two of the most common varieties, hybrid teas generally grow in a ‘V’ shape, whereas floribundas often maintain a rounder shape.

Before planting patio roses, it’s a good idea to ask: exactly how big do patio roses grow? If you opted for this gorgeous type of rose due to its ability to stand out, you’re in luck. From their 55 – 60cm tall rootstock, the patio roses at Garden Express can generally grow an additional 60 – 80cm, which gives the flowers and the foliage of the rose an elevated growth habit.


The Best Patio Rose Varieties

As a leading Australian supplier of all things flowers, Garden Express stocks a number of quality patio rose varieties ready for delivery to your door. Here are our three favourites:

Patio Rose Iceberg

The Patio Rose Iceberg is a traditional patio rose variety known for its distinctive white blooms. Largely regarded as the most popular floribunda rose of the past several decades, Patio Rose Icebergs constantly produce an impressive volume of white flowers. It’s also incredibly disease resistant, making it a hardy favourite for beginners and more experienced gardeners alike.

Climbing Rose Iceberg 17 Roscice - Garden Express Australia

ICEBERG Rose – Garden Express Australia

Patio Rose Valencia

The Valencia is a fragrant patio rose with flowers that range from deep gold to copper. With long stems perfect for vases, this healthy rose bush has dark green foliage that beautifully complements its blooms.

Valencia By Captain Tucker Via Wikimedia Commons Roshval - Garden Express Australia

VALENCIA Rose – Garden Express Australia

Patio Rose Julia’s Rose

The variety known as Julia’s Rose boasts colour-changing blooms. In the warmer months, you’ll get to admire lavender, pink and fawn colours, which are then replaced by rich coffee coloured blooms during the winter weather. With thornless stems and strong disease resistance, the Patio Rose Julia’s Rose is a brilliant addition to any garden.

Julias Rose Roshjro - Garden Express Australia

ROSE JULIAS ROSE – Garden Express Australia

How to Grow Patio Roses

Patio roses can be grown in both regular gardens and in pots on verandahs or balconies. If planting your patio rose in a pot, opt for a container that has ample drainage and fill it with a good quality soil mixture. While patio roses are ideal for balconies and verandahs, it’s important to ensure you use a stake to support the plant as it grows. If planting in your garden, to achieve a stunning hedge effect or more formal appearance, plant the roses in a row approximately 1.2 metres apart. When you’ve planted your patio rose and compacted the soil, ensure you keep the pot in an area with access to sun, shade, and adequate air circulation. Once these basics are met, it’s just a matter of regular watering and pruning, and in no time at all you’ll be admiring your thriving blooms.

Looking to add some stunning patio roses to your home? You can’t beat the Garden Express range of premium patio roses. Browse our range online today or give us a call on 1300 606 242  all enquiries!

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