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  • Spring is just around the corner and so is our spring catalogue! So we are having an end of winter sale and discounting a wide range of summer flowering bulbs, treelings and garden colour - CLICK HERE to see the sale.

  • Winter Catalogue Out Now - If you are looking for colour in your winter garden, then look no further than Camellias. Evergreen, hardy and frost tolerant.

  • Winter Catalogue Out Now - Ever considered having your own orchard? Well, you don't need a large amount of space to do so.

  • Winter Catalogue Out Now - Fuchsia have vibrant coloured flowers which bloom for many months of the year, adding beauty to any garden.

  • Winter Catalogue Out Now - What a fantastic plant for hiding just about anything. Tall dense clumps of large heavy foliage make perfect screens or wonderful backdrops.

  • Winter Catalogue Out Now - For some reason nothing tastes as good as home grown produce and you know all about how it was grown for extra peace of mind.

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With about 2,000 flowering bulbs, perennials, roses, trees, hedges, other landscaping plants, tools and accessories you can order with the convenience of home delivery and confidence in our money-back guarantee - just one of the many great reasons to buy from Garden Express.


Featured Products

  • Hippeastrum Double Dream

    New  & Exclusive Double Dream Hippeastrums have exquisite large blooms flowering spring to summer, from large bulbs that like to be grown with 1/3rd of the bulb above the soil. Large strappy foliage follows the ...

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    Code: HIPDDR


  • Louisiana Iris Blue Mountain Mist

    Iris x fulvala Louisiana Iris Blue Mountain has soft sky blue standard and falls, and golden yellow throat markings. This iris has ruffled petals and multi budded stems (mid to late flowering). A feature in any well watered garden bed or in a pot sat in a saucer of ...

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    Code: LIRBMM


  • Sweet Cumquat

    Fortunella japonica 'marumi' Cumquats are native to the Asian areas and the edible fruit closely resembles that of a small orange. They have a wide range of uses but recipes normally focus around cumquat jams and preserves. The marumi is a small, evergreen tree, ...

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    Code: CUMQUA


  • Peony Rose Red Robin

    Paeonia lactiflora hybrid Red Robin has brilliant red, double blooms. Peony roses are strong growing perennials that flower late spring to early summer. They make beautiful cut flowers and last well.  Cold winters will result in the best blooms so suit cooler regions...

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    Code: PRORRO


  • Sydney Rock Orchid

    Dendrobium speciosum The Sydney Rock orchid is hardy, fast and easy to grow.  Brilliant golden yellow blooms.  Prefers low-medium humidity, in a bright light position. Suitable to be grown in a pot or hanging basket (in orchid potting mix).  Drought tolerant and protect fro...

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    Code: DORSRO


  • Eucalyptus Euky Dwarf

    Eucalyptus leucoxylon Masses of red, pink or occasionally cream nectar-rich blossom late autumn to early summer. A small to medium-sized tree with open canopy of light green foliage. Perfect for small gardens, streetscape or mass plantings. Suitable for full...

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    Code: EUCEDW


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