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  • Summer Catalogue Out Now - The shasta daisy is an old favourite, its low maintenance and drought tolerant. Perfect for filling in a bare spot in the garden. Click here to see our daisy range!

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With about 2,000 flowering bulbs, perennials, roses, trees, hedges, other landscaping plants, tools and accessories you can order with the convenience of home delivery and confidence in our money-back guarantee - just one of the many great reasons to buy from Garden Express.


Featured Products

  • Gerbera Garvinea™ Spider Letizia

    Gerbera jamesonii Gerbera Garvinea Spider Letizia is a novelty, spider variety with unique soft spiked, bright red petals. Garvinea Gerberas™ are winter hardy (even to minus 5), vigorous growers each plant yielding over 70 blooms per year, and flowers continuo...

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    Code: GARSLE


  • Dahlia Love Affair

    NEW!  Dahlia hybrid Gorgeous single orange blooms with yellow highlights on tall burgundy stems in summer and autumn. A great performer, perfect for cottage ...

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    Code: DAHLAF


  • Aloe Spots and Dots (PBR)

    Aloe hybrid LEO 6132 The beautifully shaped greyish leaves contain numerous ‘spots and dots’, even more on the underside than the upper surface. Established plants are capable of putting on an amazing show of red-to-yellow bi-coloured flowers from early autumn a...

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    Code: ALOSAD


  • Daylily Ever So Ruffled

    New Hemerocalis hybrids Superb blooms of rich yellow with heavily ruffled edges. Fragrant. Daylilies are colourful, long flowering,drought and frost resistan...

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    Code: DLIESR


  • Agapanthus Silver Baby

    Agapanthus orientalis A compact, hardy semi-dwarf agapanthus with dainty silvery-white blooms that are tinged with a hint of pale blue on the outer petals.  A low maintenance plant, perfect  for hot sunny locations and is very dry tolerant.  Ideal for garden beds, bor...

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    Code: AGASBA


  • Spanish Shawl

    Heterocentron elegans A carpet like ground cover with dark pink flowers, ideal for warmer climates.  Perfect for rock gardens or pots and hanging baskets.  Flowers from autumn through winter.  Prefers a full sun to part shade position.  Grows 5cm...

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New Products

  • Gladioli Lucky Dip Collection

    These tall brightly coloured favourites are a must in every garden, providing a beautiful show when in a vase in the home. This wonderful selection of colours is sure to delight every gardener.  Flowering during spring in warmer regions and through summer in cooler, temperate regions.  Protection from strong winds is recommended....

    Code: GLALDI


  • Dahlia Lucky Dip Collection

    Create a mass of brilliant colour with this impressive Lucky Dip Collection. Dahlias make great cut flowers, last well in water and will certainly brighten up your home throughout the summer months. Picking the flowers also encourages the plants to produce more blooms. This collection includes: 1 Pack of 4 Dahlia Mixed (valued a...

    Code: DAHLDI


  • Broccoli - Italian Sprouting (Seeds)

    Uniform, well rounded heads. Produces numerous side shoots. Vigorous cropping over a long season. Likes the sun and plenty of organic matter.  Excellent source of Vitamin C and antioxidants. Sow late summer and autumn and harvest in 16-20 weeks.

    Code: BROISP


  • Garden Starter Chinese Star Jasmine

    Trachelospermum Jasminoides Chinese Star Jasmine is an evergreen climbing plant featuring sweet scented, white star flowers during summer on a backdrop of dark green, glossy foliage.  Prefers a sunny position and enjoys moist well drained soils.  Will tolerate frosts. Prune think branches duri...

    Code: GSTTJA


  • Garden Starter Argyranthemum Sunny Days

    Argyranthemum frutescens Sunny Days is a classic federation daisy with an 'in your face' colour combination of a big, bright yellow anemone centre with a subtler pale yellow outer petal. Yellow is the colour of happiness and Sunny Days can't help but make you smile. A compact growth habit th...

    Code: GSTASD


  • Crepe Myrtle White

    Lagerstroemia indica Large trusses of stunning flowers with ruffled petals that have a crepe-paper like texture. In Autumn the foliage turns bright orange-red as the days begin to cool. A hardy deciduous tree that responds well to a winter prune. Prefers a full sun to part shade position. Frost hardy and mildew resistant. Grows 4m high x 4...

    Code: CMYWHI


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