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  • Spring Catalogue Out Now - Gerberas have taken the floristry world by storm over the past 5 years due to the fantastic range of flower colours, with an extremely long vase life it's time to add them to your garden!

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Featured Products

  • Hippeastrum Double Dream

    New  & Exclusive Hippeastrum hybrid Double Dream has huge, beautiful, dreamy reddish pink double blooms, touched with tips of white. Hippeastrums have exquisite large blooms flowering spring to summer, fro...

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    Code: HIPDDR


  • Gardenia Gold Magic

    Gardenia jasinoides Gardenia Gold Magic is an outstanding, evergreen shrub with highly fragrant flowers that begin white and turn gold with age. An ideal specimen plant with dark green glossy foliage and masses of blooms.  May be planted as a hedge. A beautiful addition to a co...

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    Code: GARGMA


  • Gerbera Solar Eclipse

    Gerbera hybrid  Solar Eclipse has warm yellow petals with vibrant red tips and a red centre. Gerberas are becoming fashionable again, particularly as cut flowers. With an extremely long vase life, it's time to add them to your garden.  Ideal in a pot, massed in a ...

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    Code: GERSEC


  • Telopea Shady Lady® White

    Telopea speciosissima 'Shady Lady® White' Spectacular creamy white blooms in spring. Telopea are bird attracting, will tolerate full sun a...

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    Code: PROSLW


  • Dahlia Champs Elysees

    Dahlia hybrid Champs Elysees has blooms with a deep magenta/mauve solid color. A classic decorative shape will send gardeners wild with its summer/autumn displays These French dahlias are absolutley unique with amazing explosions of shape and colour.  Repeat flowerin...

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    Code: DAHCEL


  • Hosta Green

    Hosta hybird Medium green, heart shaped leaves topped with tall scapes of violet flowers in spring to autumn. Hostas are clump forming, shade loving plants with attractive coloured foliage and elegant bell shaped flowers. Prefers a damp shady position in your garden, idea...

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    Code: HOSGRE


New Products

  • Gazania New Day Pink Shades

    Gazania x hybrid New Day Pink Shades have large blooms in clear shades of pink, set off by darker rose eyes surrounding bright gold centres.  Compact plant with multiple blooms over several months.  Ideal as a garden border, ground-cover or in a patio pot.  D...

    Code: GAZNDP


  • Garden Starter Escallonia Pink Pixie

    Escallonia Pink Pixie is an evergreen shrub with small glossy leaves and masses of pale pink to white flowers.  Fast growing, well suited to clipping into a formal hedge.  Prefers a full sun to part shade position.  Frost hardy and drought tolerant once established.

    Code: GSTEPP


  • Garden Starter Escallonia Iveyi

    Escallonia iveyi Escallonia Iveyi is fast growing, sun loving, evergreen with an abundance of fragrant white flowers in summer.  It is ideal for hedges, borders or screening.  It is particulary hardy and will cope with coastal conditions as well as a hot, dry location.&nbs...

    Code: GSTEIV


  • Garden Starter Lavender Avonview

    Lavandula stoechas 'Avonview' Avonview has bright purple butterfly topped flowers with beautiful aroma from spring to autumn . It is an improved selection from the Italian family of lavenders. Lavenders prefer a full sun to part shade position and are excellent for the hot a...

    Code: GSTLAV


  • Garden Starter Gardenia Florida

    Gardenia augusta 'Florida' Extremely fragrant double white blooms with glossy green foliage. A stunning plant in any garden. Generally slow growing shrub that enjoys full sun in most areas or part shade.  Generally slow growing ...

    Code: GSTGAF


  • Bearded Iris Kerries Kirtle

    Iris hybrid cultivars Kerries Kirtle has ruffled dusty pink brown blooms. Bearded Irises are extremely hardy, drought and frost resistant once established.  The foliage of bearded iris is a deep green for most of the year and from late spring to early summer provide ...

    Code: BIRKKI


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