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Easy Edibles to Grow This Winter

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Growing your own produce 

Growing your own edible produce at home is a worthy goal for any gardener.

Not sure where to start? Go for easy-to-grow, high yielding varieties suited to the conditions you have available in your garden.

Here are a few beginner-friendly suggestions for those looking to flex their green thumbs over winter.

Easy Vegetables to Grow in Winter 

Vegetables come from a wide range of plant types and parts, including leaves, stems, fruits, seeds, bulbs and tubers.

Some are quite difficult to cultivate and/or give a relatively low yield for the effort required, so we recommend starting with some of the less fussy veggies. 

Spring onions

Should really be called year-round onions, as most varieties (including Ishikura) can be planted from seed throughout the year.

These are easy vegetables to grow in containers, and almost the entire plant can be eaten. They love rich soil and a sunny position.

Webp Net Resizeimage 12 - Garden Express AustraliaBroad beans

An excellent choice for sowing from late autumn to early winter – try Early Longpod seeds.

Like all legumes, broad beans are great for improving soil by adding nitrogen to it.

They’ll grow in most soils, although richer soils make for healthier plants and higher bean yield.

Mustard sprouts

Grown from seed – for example, Mustard White – are highly nutritious, beginner-friendly, quick to grow and can be sown successively for a continuous supply all year round.

Plus, you can grow them indoors, so you don’t even need a garden!

Easy Berries to Grow 

Most berries are easy to grow, and perfect for planting in the cooler months.

Many of the popular berry plants are naturally adapted to cooler climates and may need an extra hand in more tropical conditions.

You’ll need to net your plants if you want to get a harvest in before the birds do! 

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Including white, black and red currants – are easy to grow, often thriving on neglect.

They require little water once established, making them drought hardy, and they’re happy in part shade. They prefer cooler climates, and do best with a fence or trellis for support. 

Webp Net Resizeimage 14 - Garden Express AustraliaStrawberries

Such as the popular Adina, are a fantastic choice for new gardeners. Check individual varieties to see which will do best in your climate zone.

In most parts of Australia, they can be planted all year round. 


Another great choice for cooler climate gardens.

There are many delicious varieties available, including Autumn Bliss, and they can be planted over the winter months.

Choose a few different types for harvesting at different times of year for a good supply. 

Easy Fruit Trees to Grow

Fruit trees are a fantastic investment in long-term edible gardening.

There are fruit trees suited to most climatic zones, so be sure to choose one that’s likely to thrive in your area.

That way, you can enjoy the ongoing fruits of your labour for years to come.

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Dwarf lemon trees

Such as Dwarf Lemon Eureka, are a good place to get started with growing fruit trees.

Like other citrus trees, they’re relatively easy to care for and do not require a large space – they even work in pots. 

Kaffir limes

Well-suited to warmer climates, Kaffir Limes will also work in cooler areas with a little extra attention.

They’re good in pots, and the fruits provide a delicious, zesty ingredient commonly found in Thai cuisine.  

Fig trees

Webp Net Resizeimage 17 - Garden Express AustraliaOne of the easiest fruit trees given the right conditions, including lots of sun.

Fig Preston Prolific is a fast growing variety that’s also self-fertile, meaning there doesn’t need to be another tree in the area in order for it to be pollinated.

While it’s best to wait until spring to plant a fig, you can start prepping the ideal spot over winter.

Start growing food today!

There’s no need to wait until spring to get started on growing delicious, nutritious produce at home. Why not try out a few of these easy garden vegetables and fruits over winter?


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