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Types of Roses

Rsz Pawel Czerwinski Szchcj2ppgy Unsplash - Garden Express AustraliaRoses 

Roses really need no introduction. Prized the world over for the beauty of their flowers, which are often richly fragrant, these woody perennials are beloved by gardeners, romantics, poets and perfumiers alike. There are more than 300 rose species and thousands of cultivar varieties, with growing habits ranging from upright to climbing and trailing. 

Popular types of roses

With access to many different types of roses, Australia is a fine place to be a rose gardener – just choose a variety that works with your garden and climatic zone. Below are some popular categories, within which you’ll find a wide range of bloom colours.

Standard roses

Also known as ‘rose trees’, these are rose bushes grafted onto an upright, central stem to create a tree-like form. They’re great planted in formal rows to create a hedge effect, and individually in pots to add interest on balconies and patios. They often require a stake for support. 

Climbing roses

These bushy rose plants grow vigorously, with trailing stems that can be trained to climb garden structures such as fences, trellises, arches and obelisks. They require minimal pruning compared to other types of roses. They can be trained as espaliers for maximum blooming. 

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David Austin® roses 

These English cultivars are bred for the frothy blooms and rich fragrance of Old Roses, along with the repeat flowering and wider colour range of modern roses. They’re disease resistant, and work equally well planted en masse in garden beds or as singles in beds, pots and containers. 

Smooth Touch® thornless roses

Bred to have almost no thorns, these cultivars are suited to gardens where roses may otherwise pose a danger. They’re hardy, vigorous, long flowering and have good disease resistance, making them suitable for use in hedge plantings. They also do well in pots. 

Hybrid Tea roses

Among the most popular types of roses, hybrid tea varieties are upright bushes with classically shaped blooms on long stems – perfect for use as cut flowers. Their hardy, strong-growing nature makes them well-suited to hedging, borders and container planting.

Miniature roses 

With blooms no bigger than 5cm in diameter, these are the smallest of the roses, growing to a maximum height of 50cm. Aside from size, they have all the attributes of full size roses – once established, they’re just as tough, being particularly partial to a heavy winter pruning

Brindabella roses

Bred in Queensland, these are among the best types of roses for Australian conditions. They’re suited to cooler conditions as well as heat and humidity. They have above-average resistance to black spot, and come in a wide range of striking colour combinations.

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Growing roses at home 

As you can see, roses are a diverse group of plants, united by their signature beautiful flowers. With a wide range of growing habits, shapes and sizes (not to mention colours!) to choose from, there’s a rose for virtually every garden. 

In Australia, the best time for planting bare root roses is June to July. Garden Express will be dispatching rose orders from mid-June, so choose your favourites now. You’ll soon discover the delights of growing roses at home!


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