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Fun and Unusual Gardening Gifts 

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When it comes to finding presents for gardeners, unusual ideas are worth considering. It could be a practical item they didn’t know they needed, a special plant or even a piece of equipment they’ve been eyeing off at the hardware store!

Here are a few unique garden gifts to get you thinking outside the box.

     Pet poop composter

Help a pet-loving pal turn doggy doo, cat poo or even rabbit and guinea pig droppings into safe, high quality compost. How? With the Ensopet Pet Waste Composting Kit – an eco-friendly, no-waste solution that’s easy to use and fantastic for the garden.

Ensopet Kit In Box 15 Web - Garden Express Australia

Ensopet Kit


     A native shrub

Australian native shrubs, like grevilleas, banksias and callistemons, make wonderful gifts. They provide food and habitat for native wildlife, and have colourful, textured flowers that draw in pollinators. Many varieties can be grown in pots.

Grevillea Cherry Ripe - Garden Express Australia

Grevillea Cherry Ripe

Grevillea Jelly Baby Lpogrejba - Garden Express Australia

Grevillea Jelly Baby

Crowea Pink Starlet Pplcropst - Garden Express Australia

Crowea Pink Starlet


     Rose ring

For the rose enthusiast or lover of formal gardens, a rose ring may be a welcome gift. Gardener’s Advantage Standard Rose Support is a high quality frame used to create ‘rose trees’, also known as standard roses.

Rose Ring Accgarosrin With Croner - Garden Express Australia

Rose Ring With Corner


     Fun work shoes

Sloggers Women’s Splash Shoes are great as unusual garden gifts for her. Adorned with colourful, quirky prints, these functional, high-grip work shoes keep feet dry and comfy in wet and muddy conditions.

Sloggers Splash Shoes Collage Beev2 - Garden Express Australia

Sloggers Splash Shoes


     Gift vouchers

Treat them to a shopping spree at our huge online nursery with a Garden Express gift voucher.

     Need more ideas?

Our huge online nursery has endless choices of plants, plus garden supplies, tools and speciality items – browse our range now!

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