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The Best Compost for Your Garden this Autumn

Good Composting Takes Time 

If you’re searching for a way to reduce your food waste while also improving the quality of your garden, composting is for you. With loads of benefits, composting seems to be the gardening trend that’s going to stick. Although the best time to fertilise your garden is during the spring, the process of creating a nutritious compost can take anywhere from several weeks to several months. To help you get started on composting this autumn, we’ve handpicked two of our favourite gardening tools and products to help you give your garden the nutrients and care it needs to thrive.  

Composting Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

The truth is that composting is not nearly as hard as you probably think it is when you have the right tools. The Garden Express range of composting products makes it easier for beginners and experienced gardeners alike to begin and maintain a successful compost heap. 

Bokashi Organic Food Waste System

Bokashi One Tan Bucket1 - Garden Express AustraliaBokashi products help you achieve a nutritious compost within a matter of weeks — without too much effort on your part.  

Unlike other bulky and impractical composts, the Bokashi One Bucket is small enough to store beneath your kitchen sink, but large enough to retain approximately 19 litres of food waste to turn into compost.

One of the reasons gardening experts recommend the Bokashi bucket is that the product is designed for convenient inside use. This feature makes it easier than ever for beginners to maintain a quality compost, as it reduces the need to venture outside to the compost bin. Not to mention, Bokashi is often seen as one of the most hygienic options on the market, due to its airtight seal that eliminate the unpleasant odours and insects associated with many indoor compost systems. 

Ensopet Pet Waste Composting

Ensopet Kit In Box 15 Web - Garden Express AustraliaEnsoPet Pet Waste Composting works a little bit differently to traditional food wastage compost options as it uses animal waste. The perfect choice for those with pets, this innovative product can easily and hygienically compost all pet waste including dog, cat, rabbit and guinea pig. The EnsoPet not only helps you keep a clean garden free of pet waste, but can help you feel better about your impact on the environment by reducing landfill and rebuilding soil on a microbial level.

The EnsoPet is an inground composter that works by combining four sections of moulded recycled plastic and a lid to create a cylinder. Once assembled, the composter can be placed into the soil so that only the lid and the opening are visible above the ground. It is therefore a discrete and practical option for those with little space in their garden or lawn.

The best part about composting your pet waste with EnsoPet is that you can greatly improve the quality of your soil in a matter of weeks. Although the natural microbes present in the system are already able to create a nutritious compost on their own, adding some carbon rich organics such as dry leaves, fine bark or spent potting mix to your EnsoPet can improve the condition of your soil.

Start Composting this Autumn

Composting is beneficial not just for the environment, but also for your very own garden and the plants within it. The quality of your soil can make or break a plant’s growth. It’s important to ensure you give your plants the best possible conditions to grow. Garden Express knows this better than anyone, which is why we have a range of great gardening tools online that can be conveniently delivered to your door. From heavy duty buckets to easy composting kits, you’re sure to find the right tool for your garden among our collection.

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