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How to Prepare Your Hyacinths This Autumn

Hyacinths are spring flowering bulbous perennials that come in a wide variety of beautiful colours, from soft yellows to vibrant purples. Known for their ability to grow both outdoors and in vases, they are the perfect choice for beginner gardeners looking to add a touch of colour and enticing fragrance to their garden. 

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As Hyacinths tend to require a bit more preparation than your average flower, there can be some confusion on the topic of when to plant Hyacinth bulbs. It’s worth planning your hyacinth planting before winter rolls around, as autumn is the perfect time to start preparing your flower bulbs. 

How to Plant Hyacinth Bulbs 

Because Hyacinths grow best in colder climates, special care should be taken during preparation to ensure they can thrive in Australian weather. In areas with mild winters, you can stimulate chilling by keeping the bulbs in your fridge for one to two months prior to planting. While you can also purchase pre-chilled bulbs, using a brown paper bag in your refrigerator is a simple way to achieve similar results. 

Prepare Your Soil

Before planting your Hyacinths, prepare the soil by removing weeds, and aerate to reduce compaction. Soil can also be prepared by draining well and mixing through enriched organic matter such as separated animal manure, Blood and Bone or complete fertiliser.

Choose Your Placement

Hyacinths bloom beautifully when planted in full sun or partial shade, however they will not thrive in heavy shade. Once you have chosen the best spot for the Hyacinths in your garden, plant the bulbs at a depth of around 10cm, and at least 8cm apart.

Cover Your Hyacinths

After planting your Hyacinths, cover with soil and gently firm in without treading, as this can damage the growing tips. If the soil is moist, you do not need to water the bulbs in.

Bringing Your Hyacinths Indoors

If you don’t have outdoor space, or want to enjoy your flowers sooner than winter, you’ll be pleased to learn that Hyacinths can be grown indoors. This is done by ‘forcing’ the bulbs in water vases. 

Know how to grow Hyacinths in Water

Hyacinth bulbs can be grown indoors without any compost using special glass jars shaped like hourglasses. For the best results, opt for a purpose-built vase, such as the Hyacinth Vase Kit (Set Of 3) from Garden Express, which makes it easy for beginners and gardening enthusiasts alike to produce stunning flowering bulbs.

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Fill Your Vase With Water

After removing your chilled Hyacinth bulbs from the refrigerator, fill the bottom half of your vase with water and place the bulb in the top half so that it rests against the natural curve of the container. The water should not touch the bottom of the bulb, stopping about 5mm below.

Adjust the Light Source

Place the vase in a dark space for several weeks, or until roots & shoots appear.. Over the next few weeks, you can gradually bring the vase into brighter light, while avoiding direct sunlight, until the plant flowers. To keep the water fresh for longer, you can also add activated charcoal pieces, such as those found in the Hyacinth Vase Kit (Blue) from Garden Express.

Where to Buy Hyacinths This Autumn


Whether you’re an experienced Hyacinth grower or just starting out, now is the perfect time to start preparing for your next Hyacinth planting season. Garden Express stocks a number of quality Hyacinth bulbs for you to try your hand at growing these stunning flowers in your own garden beds. To take the fun a step further, opt for one of our Hyacinth Vase Kits, which come equipped with everything you need to grow beautiful Hyacinths indoors.

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