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Hippeastrum Varieties

Growing Hippeastrum Varieties in Australia

There are approximately 90 species of Hippeastrum and over 600 different hybrids. You can recognise Hippeastrum plants by their fleshy bulbs, tall broad leaves, and bright coloured flowers. The flowers bloom from bulbs and will usually produce four voluptuous, trumpet shaped blooms per bulb.

Flowers 1095770 640 - Garden Express Australia

In Australia, Hippeastrum plants thrive in full sun or light shade and while they are able to survive with little rainfall, they do require to be planted near a wall or fence for protection against strong winds. Spring and early summer tend to be the blooming season in Australia for these wonderfully colourful flowering plants.

Types of Hippeastrums

There are many Hippeastrum varieties that grow in a wide range of colours and shapes to suit your garden. Here are some of our personal favourites:

Cherry Nymph

Hippeastrum Cherry Nymph Fm 14231766pa 15 - Garden Express AustraliaAmaryllis, also known as the ‘Cherry Nymph’, grows extra-large ‘double flowers’ up to 20cm across in a velvety cherry red colour. This beautiful flower blooms in a cluster of four and sits atop a stout, leafless stalk. Cherry Nymph is very easy to plant and can be expected to bloom within 6 to 10 weeks after planting.



Hippeastrum Fairytale

Hippeastrum Fairytale Visi20115 15 - Garden Express Australia

Hippeastrum Fairytale is one of the most unique and interesting plants you could add to your garden. This plant produces trumpet-shaped red blooms with white stripes and a lime green throat. The blooms on Hippeastrum Fairytale are long lasting even when cut, making them suitable for vases in your home.



Ice Queen

Hippeastrum Ice Queen Pkhipiqu - Garden Express Australia

While most Hippeastrum plants are bold and bright in colour, Ice Queen is just the opposite. Ice Queen blooms double blooms that are white all over with a slight hint of green at the centre of the petals. The shape of these flowers are rather elegant and have a minor curl feature at the end of each petal.



Lady Jane

Hippeastrum Lady Jane 2012 - Garden Express Australia

Lady Jane stays true to its name by probably being one of the most feminine but exotic looking Hippeastrum plants. It’s large salmon-coloured double blooms also have a cream brushing that helps to create an extremely eye-catching flower.




Apricot Parfait

Hippeastrum Apricot Parfait 16 - Garden Express Australia

Apricot Parfait is considered to be a ‘statement’ Hippeastrum due to its soft pastel apricot petals. For an added pit of ‘drama’, Apricot Parfait is lined with white stripes and has a contrasting coral star in the centre of each flower.




Rare types of hippeastrums

Among the many varieties of Hippeastrums, there are also Specialty Hippeastrums that are considered to be elusive and rare due to their limited supply.


Hippeastrum Evergreen Pkhipeve - Garden Express Australia

Due to their unique shape, Evergreen Hippeastrum plant falls under the ‘Spider’ or Cybister group of Hippeastrum. This variety is a pale green colour and unlike they’re more full-bodied counterparts, the Evergreen has a much thinner, and sometimes twisted, petal shape that grows from small to medium sized bulbs. Evergreens are often prized for their unusual colour and form.



Hippeastrum Santiago

Hippeastrum Santiago 16 - Garden Express Australia

If you’re looking for a Hippeastrum that can capture attention from a distance then Hippeastrum Santiago plant is guaranteed to offer a colorful spectacle for your garden, or for a vase in your home. While the Santiago flower is slightly smaller than other Hippeastrums, its bold red and white stripes make it a great eye-catcher.



Hippeastrum La Paz

Hippeastrum La Paz 21 Pkhiplpa - Garden Express Australia

Hippeastrum La Paz is another Hippeastrum flower part of the Cybister group. It’s petals are long, narrow and pointy but still offer a soft shape due to their slight end curls. Once bloomed, the La Paz will bear an exotic dark coral bloom with soft cream and green highlights.





At Garden Express we’ve curated a wide selection of Hippeastrum varieties just for you. You can browse the catalogue for a full list of our colourful Hippeastrums.


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