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Indoor Plants That Provide More Oxygen

Philodendron Thai Congo P10phitco - Garden Express Australia

Philodendron Thai Congo

Aside from their aesthetic qualities, plants also famously produce oxygen as they breathe. Did you know that certain varieties are much more effective at bringing oxygen into your home than others?

We often don’t realise how important air quality is for our health. It’s easy to assume that because we’re indoors, we’re protected from all the nasty CO2 and gas emissions that are so prevalent outside. The truth is that toxins like formaldehyde and benzene can also be found in the air inside our homes. 

Choosing one of the high-performing oxygen producing plants to decorate your home will help make it more hospitable, purifying the air and eliminating those harmful toxins. Taking the extra step to plant more oxygen producing garden plants outside will also add an extra layer of air purification to your home while also helping add more oxygen to the wider environment.

Spathiphyllum Peace Lily

Spathiphyllum Peace Lily


Which plants give off the most oxygen?

Having oxygenating plants in your home has many health benefits such as reducing colds and coughs, improving concentration, and creating a better environment for sleep. Here we list some of the best indoor plants for oxygen.


Philodendron has been a mainstay house plant for generations. It comes in multiple varieties such as Philodendron Silver Sword, Philodendron Thai Congo, Philodendron Minima and more. The vast range of Philodendron plant varieties means you will be spoilt for choice when looking for any oxygen giving plants to suit your decor and liven your home. They’re also very easy to maintain, as they require little care and you will often know what they need simply by looking at them.

Philodendrons are also among some of the best plants for bedroom oxygen due to their large, flat leaves.

Pothos Cebu Blue

While plants thrive being exposed to sunlight, the Pothos Cebu Blue is a plant that thrives most when it’s in a warm position in indirect sunlight. Exposure to direct sunlight can actually burn the leaves of Pothos Cebu Blue. The low reliance on sunlight means Pothos Cebu Blue is great for people who live in apartments that don’t always get direct sunlight exposure.

Peace Lily

The Spathiphyllum Peace Lily is the perfect option for someone who wants oxygen plants for home that still have the ability to produce a beautiful flower to contrast the green of the leaves. Peace Lilies are known as one of the highest oxygen producing indoor plants, making it an excellent plant choice for people who suffer from allergies or asthma.


We all know aloe is renowned for its healing properties for cuts, wounds and abrasions but they’re also one of the most favoured plants that release oxygen at night. To get the best benefits from your aloe plant, be sure to place it on a windowsill for plenty of sunlight exposure.

Aloe Cosmo P10alocos - Garden Express Australia

Aloe Cosmo


Your indoor plant experts

If you have any questions about which plant is right for your house or apartment, or are looking for some of the highest oxygen producing plants available, Garden Express is here for you. We stock a wide variety of plants that are suitable for indoor and outdoor growth. To find out more about oxygenating plants, give us a call on 1300 606 242, or fill out our online contact form.

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