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Chrysanthemum Growing Guide

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What is Chrysanthemum?

Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum  spp.) is a flowering herbaceous perennial that most people use as an annual. It is part of the Asteraceae family and is native to China and Japan. It is a vigorous shrubby plant that has grey green foliage on stiff, erect stalks. The foliage is generally heavily lobed and often has a strong aromatic smell if crushed. The flowering season is from late Summer through to Autumn, depending on the variety. The flowers are held above the foliage on single sturdy stems. Chrysanthemum having been heavily hybridised, come in a great variety of flowers, from classic, flat, daisy-like blooms to almost globe-shaped flowers. Colours include white, cream, pink, bronze, purple, red, yellow and salmon. Chrysanthemum are best grown in a cool to mild climate but will grow and flower well into the milder subtropics. They prefer a full sun position in the garden with some protection from hot afternoon sun. They need free draining soil and protection from the wind.

Benefits of Growing Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum are perceived to be much too hard work. But there’s less care involved than you may think. They are long flowering, easy to grow and relatively pest and disease free. Chrysanthemum produces a gorgeous, long-lasting cut flower. They are ideal for growing in small gardens, mass plantings, borders, window boxes, pots and containers. Potted Chrysanthemum last for several weeks indoors if watered when dry and kept in a well-lit spot.

How to Grow Chrysanthemum

Chrys Pot Mum Kena Yellow Pplpmukye 2020 - Garden Express Australia

Chrysanthemum Kena Yellow

Climatic Zones

Cool, temperate, arid, semi arid.

Plant Size

Height: 60cm, Width: 60cm

When To Plant Chrysanthemum

Plant in Spring to Summer.

Soil Preparation

They need a rich well drained soil with a consistent level of moisture. Prepare the soil well by digging through compost or well broken down animal manure.

How To Plant Chrysanthemum

Plant in full sun with protection from the hot afternoon sun, 50cm apart with the plant crown at soil level.

Chrysanthemum Plant Care

Water regularly to keep roots moist during growing period. Water well through summer.

Add some Blood and Bone for a good on-going feed to produce best results.

For a compact bush, tip prune young plants to encourage branching. Remove spent flowers and discoloured leaves. Cut back after flowering to promote good new season growth.

If you want big blooms then pinch out the side buds leaving only the strongest ones.

Watch out for aphids as they are the main problem.

Recommended Chrysanthemum Varieties

The large variety in flower colours and shape make the Chrysanthemum a winner.

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Chrysanthemum Kena White

Garden Mum Rasta Rose Pplgmurro 2020 - Garden Express Australia

Chrysanthemum Rasta Rose

Chrys Pot Mum Kena Copper Pplpmukco 2020 - Garden Express Australia

Chrysanthemum Kena Copper